Sep 22nd

The original is for these reasons failed to lose weight

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Many women have been trying various ways to lose weight, but that often fails, then the reasons failed to lose weight, what exactly is it?

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First, underestimate their daily intake of calories

"Movement for a long time not thin down? I was not born not thin?" Girls, please do not be discouraged, do not sport the thin? Then please check under their own weight loss recipes now! If you do not use measuring tools, or do not understand the caloric value of the food, then we will, but it is easy to misjudge their own intake of calories in each meal!


Second, overestimate their physical limits

Some girls to lose weight faster, choose a large number and intensive movement. But too intense exercise means not only did not let them slim down faster, but more prone to give up the idea. If you have seen such a state, which means bag manufacturer you overestimate their own physical limits.


Third, the meal time to master shall not be treated

Because you are not working, or some other reason, a long interval between meals? According to nutritional knowledge, and stable body glucose uptake, it can help us to maintain the required daily energy, but also help us to improve metabolism. However, if the meals apart for too long, the body will not be able to replenish glucose, which is obviously not conducive to our weight loss.


Fourth, inadequate sleep time per day

According to foreign research, if a person daily sleep less than six hours, then she ghrelin increases the body easily, causing appetite is stimulated, you want to continue to get high-calorie foods. In addition, studies have shown that lack of sleep at night, will make the body's "stress hormone cortisol," rising, eventually leading to bag factory weight gains. Therefore, we have to get enough sleep at least six hours a day.

Sep 21st

These methods help you clean up the junk mood

By dreamway01

Emotions affect health and life expectancy. In general, the negative emotions from the pressure, and the pressure is divided into two kinds. When his personal ability is unable to meet the requirements of the outside world, he will feel overwhelmed; conversely, when the outside requirements are far less than the personal capacity, not to be required of pain will cause another pressure. Therefore, the core of the regulation of emotions should be a clear understanding of the type of pressure, the decision is to change the environment to adapt to their own, or to improve their adaptive environment. In addition, there are some real time small methods to ease the emotional barrier.

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Sleep method:

Sleep can affect the human body by relieving fatigue and reducing bad mood. A growing number of researchers believe that dreaming is not a negligible effect on the mood disorder, whether you wake up or not. The Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, sleep disorders service and Research Center Director Rosalyn Cartwrigh said if you meet the emotional problems are not very serious, then sleep, wake up what are not.

Motion method:

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to relieve the bad mood, and it can help the body to secrete dopamine. Research said, doing housework and other activities is very general, running, cycling, swimming and other aerobic exercise is the bag manufacturer best choice. 5 times a week, minutes a week, every 20 minutes.

Diet method:

Bonnie Spring, a psychologist at the University of Chicago School of medicine in the United States, believes that carbohydrates are a kind of emotional food that can make people calm down. Judith Waterman, a scientist at the University of Massachusetts Institute of science and technology, explained that carbohydrates can promote the brain to secrete a neurotransmitter, to help people calm down and relax. 1.5 ounces (about 42 grams) of carbohydrates can play a soothing effect, such as proper eating potato chips, popcorn, etc.. Eat chicken, lean beef, fish and other protein rich food is also good.

Illumination method:

The light of the environment is helpful to improve the mood. The study of the American mental health research center found that seasonal mood disorders (SAD) were mainly caused by the lack of light. Therefore, let yourself in a bright environment, can effectively resist the interference of bad mood.

Breathing method:

, said American treatment expert Dr. Roy Martina when you are in a state of pressure to slow down your breathing, and try to back rolling at the same time. This method can balance any emotion in a few seconds. It is suggested that in the emotional generation, deep breathing and patience, and 6 seconds, such as emotional bag factory stability, thinking ability, to make the right decisions and actions.

Sep 19th

Who are not suitable for running to lose weight?

By dreamway01

Running is a simple and useful aerobic exercise. It is helpful to lose weight and prevent many diseases. But not everyone is fit for running. Patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes, severe obesity and severe knee injuries are not suitable for running.

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1.Patients with cardiovascular disease

As is known to all, running is an aerobic exercise. It takes a lot of oxygen to run, and consumes sugar, fat, and protein for the body. Running speed, heart rate, heart pump blood will be increased, this will for the heart and blood vessels burden and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with.


2.Severely obese

Severe obesity refers to the body fat rate is far more than 28% of obese people. The lower limbs of the obese people to bear most of the weight of the body, itself has been under great pressure, if you are running, only to the lower bag manufacturer limb joints, and easily cause knee injury. Therefore, it is suggested that severely obese individuals do not do or do not do rope skipping, running, etc. These are the joints of the pressure of the movement, you can do more swimming, brisk walking and other small burden of sports.


3.Diabetic patients

After the injection of insulin, diabetic patients are not suitable for running, to avoid the occurrence of hypoglycemia. And severe diabetic patients, in the absence of injection of insulin or the emergence of acute infection fever, it is not suitable for running. Because at this time the patient body insulin level is low, the body can't meet the energy supply of running, the body will consume a lot of fat to provide energy for exercise. The large consumption of fat from fat metabolites -- ketone, may cause poisoning.


4.Knees had been badly hurt

Running is a kind of exercise for the lower limbs, and it has certain requirements for the flexibility of the knee joint. For the knee joint has been seriously injured, after the rehabilitation, does not suggest that the running exercise. Can start from a quick walk, step by step, after the situation, you can consider jogging. But if you find the knee bag factory joint has a recurrent situation, it is recommended not to run for the appropriate.

Sep 18th

How to save the rough and dark skin?

By dreamway01

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1.Pay attention to the skin clean

The first step in skin care is to do the right skin to clean, if clean the skin not complete will form a layer of dirt on the skin surface, this layer of dirt will make the skin looks bleak. Especially in the face of computer office workers, the screen will absorb a lot of dust in the air, resulting in the pores, will lead to the growth of acne, the skin will become dark yellow. So need to pay attention to the skin clean, not only need to use cleansing milk also need to use cleansing oil, but also adhere to the regular skin deep cleansing, remove the skin deep dirt, so that the pores are smooth, the ability to absorb nutrients is also enhanced.


2.For skin moisturizing

Long face of the computer will allow the skin to accelerate the oxidation rate of aging, the skin will lose luster elasticity. Long hours in the office of the air does not flow, computer radiation to dry the skin dry, because the lack of moisture to make the skin greasy, to the skin of the time to inject water. Moisturizing spray can effectively relieve the skin's hunger and thirst, improve the skin dark yellow dry problem.


3.Drink plenty of water to drink out of a good look

Water is the source of life, the body needs to pay, the skin is more need to pay. Many modern people love to drink, coffee, cola not bag manufacturer from the hand, but often forget to drink water, because drinking water can also be for the body, in fact, the value of drink for the human body can not drink boiled water. Beverage of sugar, fat and caffeine to anxiety, heart palpitations insomnia phenomenon, of course, will directly affect a woman's face.


4.Before going to bed

Mask can be very good for the skin moisture replenishment, before going to bed is the best time for the skin to replenish nutrition, this time the skin's absorption capacity is the strongest, sleep before the deposition mask, so that the skin more water embellish. Mask do not insist on using a day, a Wednesday times, to avoid frequent use of the skin caused by excess nutrients, each time deposited mask time not more than 30 minutes, to avoid facial moisture is sucked.


5. Go to bed and get up early

Every evening of eleven to three am is the best period of detoxification of human body, this period has been a good restoration of the natural luster of the skin delicate. To develop the good habit of early to bed and early to rise, avoid staying up late, adhere to the bed before eleven o'clock every day, every day to ensure that the seven hours of sleep, skin condition bag factory will be getting better and better.

Sep 17th

Cultivate children's self-confidence

By dreamway01

Each child is different from other people's strengths. Even if poor learning performance, should not be labeled "stupid child" label. Parents want to know the child's weaknesses, but also to be good at discovering the advantages and potential of the child, with appreciation and encouragement, the child will become confident.

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First, let the children often experience the joy of success. When people are successful, the brain will release the happy hormone "endogenous", the child will repeat this experience. From this perspective, success is the mother of success. So, do the game, do the manual, do the housework, may wish to encourage the child to try, moderate guidance. For example, when a child to take part in the competition, but the pinch out of the tiger like a rabbit, parents must not laugh or even shame, and to guide the child to recognize the difference between the two, and help to do a good job.


Second, encourage children to explore. Every exploration is a bag manufacturer learning opportunity. But don't give children set goals too high, and to "for children to find a tree a little short of apple tree, let children stood on tiptoe to pick the apples".


Once again, to protect the child's interest. The former Soviet Union an educator to the children in class, prepared a "speaking ball", while the side to throw, while asking questions, who received the ball on the answer. Some people said that this is puzzling, make an unnecessary move. But the educator replied that no "speaking ball", the child may not have the interest to speak.


Finally, allow the child to fail. Developmental psychologists have pointed out that children do not have the ability to self evaluation, most of them rely on the attitude of others to understand themselves. Parents of children experienced a failure to give enough tolerance, do not use the attitude of mercy to treat the child, also don't scold scold, and to make him understand that failure everyone will encounter, brave, smart people bag factory will from the failure lessons, to continue its efforts.

Sep 16th

How do women take care of their own skin?

By dreamway01

In fact, the nature of skin aging is not changed, but the scientific and correct care to some extent can play a role in mitigation. Some people are serious health problems, many times because of their, not pay attention to skin care or nursing method is not appropriate. So correct skin care, it is very important for women.

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1.First understand their own skin

To understand their own skin characteristics, the most ideal for the efficacy of skin care. Can first wash the face clean, natural dry. In the case of any material, use a paper towel to wipe the trapezoid area. Neutral skin oil, oily skin will not leave oil stains on the tissue, and dry skin is dander left in the towel. If you have a tissue grease, available wipe cheeks, if no oil shows you for mixed skin.

2.A targeted purchase of cleansing products

Facial cleaning, is a more important step in skin care. So female friend should choose, for their own skin cleansing products cleansing. At the same bag manufacturer time on this basis, as far as possible to choose a mild cleansing products.

3.Clean the skin

Skin should be cleaned every day, sooner or later each time. When cleaning the force can not be too large, and should be carefully cleaned. The dust, grease and other clean, healthy skin is the key for this.


Some women will make up at work. This suggests that women, such as non work needs no makeup or makeup, the best. And at night before going to bed, be sure to make up remover. Not in time to go to sleep, is the most hurt skin health.

5.Diet structure is very important

Diet is also an important factor affecting the health of women's skin, and more fat will stimulate the skin, but also love long acne. So the female diet should be light, eat more vegetables, fruit, drink plenty of water, eat less sugar, drink less Coffee.

6.The amount of exercise, to ensure that sleep

Sports are good for health, and the skin as a part of the body also benefits. And adequate sleep is one of the important ways to protect skin health. So women as far as bag factory possible to avoid staying up late, to ensure adequate sleep time.

Sep 15th

The correct skin care order make your skin more moist

By dreamway01

Once in the fall, the skin becomes dry, and even a slight peeling phenomenon. How to recharge moisture is the most effective?

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Beauty liquid essence first used

The essence of beauty fluid type is very common in Japanese skin care products of a single product, it can enhanced the permeability of the follow-up maintenance, so that the skin becomes softer and enhance the degree of acceptance, so although the texture is more moist mellow, but also must used before make-up water and other essential products, to ensure maximum play its due role.


The essence of water quality is not equal to make-up water

There are some of the essence of large capacity, texture, such as fresh water, it is often mistaken for a make-up water. Judge a product in the end is essence or water mainly depends on it which contains the active ingredient concentration is high enough, if the effective components in the row in the list of ingredients within the top3 position and that this product is part of the essence, even if the quality of a material is water state also can not be lazy and saved the some toner skin steps, to avoid affecting the maintenance effect.


Most moisturizing essence to be put in the end

In addition to the pure oily moisturizing essence, with most of the major can strengthen skin moisturizing function of essence is placed at the end use, this is because the moisturizing essence contains more high molecular material and bag manufacturer film forming agent, such as hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum, Carbomer. They have strong sealing film, prior to smear the skin care products effective component and skin firmly lock in moisture. Similarly, if the first use of this kind of essence, hinder other essence of small molecular component permeation.


First whitening, and then anti old

Whitening essence is preferably to use. This is because the whitening essence are usually relatively moist, scalability is also quite good, and anti-aging essence is to strong emulsion or cream texture is in the majority, whitening first to, then anti old smear essence way can better promote product is absorbed by the skin.


Effect of surface texture of the overlapping large selection of the bottle clear

Effective components of many essential products on the effect and the role of have substantial overlap surface, such as containing the essence of high concentration of vitamin a content can take into account the anti-aging, blemish, smooth skin; high concentration of vitamin C whitening, antioxidant; high concentration of nicotinamide can enough moisturizing oil, while suppressing inflammation. So when the essence of product maintenance efficacy in the presence of large overlapping surface, the best choice of texture is most bag factory refreshing the bottle, to the skin to leave more room for accepted follow-up products.

Sep 14th

Effective elimination of black eye

By dreamway01

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1.Cleansing must be completely

General people make-up, will focus on the eyes, and therefore many of the surrounding cosmetics, makeup is not complete, not only easy to plug the pores, but also easily lead to black pigment deposition, garbage is too much, a clean not thorough, will put more garbage, and finally will be more and more obvious black eye.


2.Correct use eye mask

The skin around the eyes are relatively delicate, so in the use of mask, please keep your eyes clean and then deposited mask.

In order to make the mask play the best effect, you can first use the hot towel eye. If there is a makeup, must clean up remover and then deposited mask.


3.Deposited end mask must be rubbing cream

Some people think Everything will be fine. deposited end mask, wrong! Deposited end mask must remember to wipe cream. Deposited end mask, eye skin will be more compact, once the taut skin relaxed, it is easy to form fine lines, eye cream can to bag manufacturer eye skin to supplement moisture, make the eyes more comfortable to sleep.


4.Often do eye massage

Remember when I was a child do eye exercises? Of course, the eye massage here is not eye health, the main needle

Eye skin massage. Generally speaking, every day with the ring finger in the eye near the skin, massage in a circular motion, about 10~15 times. Delicate eye skin, do not pull the skin. In addition, you can also use the ring finger and middle finger gently around the eyes, so that eye skin activity, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism.


In addition, compared to some of the market's eye cream, in fact, you can also make a good eye cream. Such as brown sugar cream. Here only need to be heated to smoke, and then with gauze wrap, gently wipe around the eyes, will play a good effect. In addition, Arnica can also play a very good effect to relieve eye skin.


Pay attention to the above points, at the same time, girls should develop a good habit of work and rest. If the eye rest is not enough, but also prone to edema or black eye. Therefore, to develop good habits, Zaoshuizaoqi less late at night before going to bed, try to drink less, eat cold, cold. Any time, must also clean the face of bag factory the dust, to prevent the deposition of garbage.

Sep 12th

To replenish nutrition and improve mood

By dreamway01

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Tension - added calcium

Calcium can not only promote bone health, but also to people's emotions play a regulatory role. It can relieve the tension of the muscles, relax the nerves, and eliminate the nervous tension. So often in the high pressure working environment of the people need to add calcium, so that it helps the body to reduce the degree of excitement.

Recommended food: milk, sesame, fish, kelp, etc.


Irritability - vitamin B6

Even if nothing happens to be particularly upset? In the few days of each month, but also will not move to the side of the people's Congress? No way, who let the girl's mood more easily influenced by the hormone level! At this time you need to add some vitamin B6, which can stimulate the secretion of insulin and zinc, so that the mood to maintain peace, to suppress anger, and in particular, can adjust the endocrine system of bag manufacturer women in order to counter emotional irritability.

Recommended food: cereal grains, beans, chicken, etc.


Blue - folic acid supplement

Bring folic acid, most people will think of the quasi mommy to add this". In fact, folic acid is also a very important nutrient for the average person, it is an important tool to improve our mood! A study by the York University in the United Kingdom shows that folic acid in the human body, will help the body to synthesize a natural anti depression substance SAM-e, improve brain serotonin levels, so that the mood is cheerful, very effective for the fight against depression.

Recommended food: green vegetables, bananas, liver etc.


Inferiority complex - Supplementary tryptophan

Tryptophan is a kind of amino acids that can make people happy. Canadian researchers have found that once the human blood tryptophan levels fall, a variety of negative psychological will appear, so that people become inferior. If you can take 3 grams of tryptophan every day, confidence will be bag factory enhanced by varying degrees.

Recommended food: millet, cheese, mushrooms, etc.

Sep 11th

How to choose a reasonable snack?

By dreamway01

Healthy snacks, generally need to have the following characteristics: 1, high nutritional value. 2, easy to carry and storage. 3, delicious. With the more conditions, the more suitable. Based on the above conditions of screening, first give you three kinds of the most common, the most consistent with the requirements of healthy snacks.

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Milk has almost all the characteristics of a healthy snack, complete nutrition, appropriate proportion, easy digestion and absorption, is rich in quality protein, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and calcium. Especially contains calcium, not only the high content, about 100 mg per 100 grams of milk calcium, absorption and utilization rate is very high also is the main source of dietary calcium. The average adult needs 800mg of calcium every day, and the dietary guidelines recommend 300g, which can meet the needs of almost half of our calcium.

Common milk ordinary pure milk, yogurt, low-fat milk and skim milk, generally speaking, snack choices ordinary pure milk and yogurt can be, because they taste generally than low-fat milk, skim milk is better. But for overweight, obesity, dyslipidemia or milk with more friends, suggest to choose low-fat milk or skim milk, compare, as shown in the following picture, a certain brand of ordinary pure milk heat per 100 milliliters of 271 thousand coke (65 kcal), and per 100 ml of skim milk heat only 139 kJ (33 thousand cards), difference of nearly half, such as follow the dietary guidelines recommend daily drink 300ml milk, choose skim milk can eat less 96 kcal of heat, while also reducing the saturated fat and cholesterol intake, are beneficial to control weight and serum lipid.



Similar to the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, beta carrot element, potassium, magnesium and other healthy nutrition Su, while rich in antioxidant phytochemicals, nutritional value is relatively high, especially for those three servings of vegetables very hard to eat enough of the bag manufacturer people, appropriate to eat some fruit, can make up to a certain degree (but not completely compensate and replace) the lack of intake of vegetables.

Taste, the fruit is rich in organic acids, sugars and aromatic substances, sweet and sour, with a variety of special flavor, it can satisfy the taste of "greed, in line with the conditions of delicious snacks. Carry also more convenient, breakfast to work on the package, or a few in the office, most of the fruit on the two or three day is not a problem, unless unfortunately colleagues to divide.



Nuts refers to a variety of greasy seeds kind of food, such as peanuts, melon seeds, walnut, cashew nuts, pine nuts, almonds, pistachios can for the body to provide protein, unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin E, calcium and dietary fiber.

Because it is rich in fat, nuts are delicious and it is one of the most popular snacks. However, a lot of people also because it is rich in fat, that is not healthy, easy to gain weight, not to eat. In fact, as long as the choice of nuts, control the total amount of nuts, nuts is also a delicious and healthy choice for snacks.

From the health point of view, a study found that in patients with type 2 diabetes diet every day to add a handful of walnuts, can improve the blood lipid status of a patient. In a study conducted in Spain, 9000 patients with cardiovascular disease were investigated, and found that eating nuts to control blood lipids and heart disease bag factory risk benefit. Therefore, the high nutritional value of nuts, the right amount of food is useful.