Oct 20th

Let women keep secret of youth

By dreamway01

Every woman loves her youth, not looking away, in fact, that youth is a bit of an exaggeration, but maintain a healthy body and more than their own age young face is completely possible.

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1.Early to bed and early to rise

Stay up late will seriously affect the quality of female skin, causes the skin to lose its vitality, a long time cause skin relaxation, spots, a serious black eye, so the best women in the 10 or so every day to go to bed, sleep time guarantee in about 8 hours, if the sleep time is too little, will cause the body function decline, to increase the rate of aging.


2.The form the good habit of eating breakfast

Breakfast is very important, it can provide the human body needs the energy can also promote The new supersedes the old. Keep blood vessels healthy, the best breakfast with rich, including milk, cereal food. But avoid excessive heat or high fat food. Long time not to eat breakfast, not only causes stomach trouble happened, but also makes the body's The new supersedes the old. degradation, leading to accelerated aging.


3.Eat more high fiber foods

In our body organs, intestinal tract is the first aging and degradation, once the intestines aging state, will lead to the occurrence of constipation. Constipation is the enemy of female beauty, will cause the body Supian toxins are recycling, not only bag manufacturer affect the health of other organs, but also to make women's skin looks bleak, easy to spot long wait for a problem, also will cause the female obesity, is to maintain the posture of youth big enemy. High fiber foods can help intestinal peristalsis, achieve the purpose of cleaning intestinal tract, promote the stool discharged.


4.Sunscreen work can not be ignored

If you see the sun is not so strong or a cloudy day, nor the effect, even if the sun is not strong but there are ultraviolet, UV leads to formation of aging and blotchy skin, the sun do the work so throughout the year need, can eat some rich in vitamin C in cosmetics and skin care products, go out remember to rub on the sunscreen, if not in the summer, you can choose smaller sunscreen spf.


5.The harmonious sex life

The harmonious sex life is very important for the woman, not only can ease the pressure, but also to relax the mood, quality of life is effectively reduced the age of agent, between husband and wife a week to keep the best sex 3 times, it will make you look bag factory younger than actual age above 5 years old.

Oct 18th

On the motion of adverse weight loss method

By dreamway01

Most for his physique is not very satisfied person would choose the movement method to help you lose weight. But we have to exercise for weight loss methods correctly?


Exercise intensity is too high, too frequent

In order to keep energetic and movement of freshness, fitness program should be a degree of relaxation, i.e., short time of endurance training (such as 20 minutes) practice and long time low intensity (40 ~ 60 minutes) with the. High strength practice a week should not be more than 2 times. You know, the training intensity is big, the body recover more slowly. The ideal state is a high strength training 2 days a week, 1 days of rest time. In strength training, in between the 2 exercise the same muscles should be at least 1 days of rest.


Stick to the same set of strength training

For each muscle group, learning a 2 ~ 3 kinds of practice methods, try a new angle and new instruments, without the guidance of coach, can refer to relevant books and tapes. For example, if you often lie to finish the dumbbell chest pushing exercises, so can try to adjust the angle of the bench; if you normally use the chest, you can try dumbbell press or barbell press training. Learn a variety of training methods, as far as possible every 6 to 8 weeks for 1 sets of exercises.


The lack of challenging endurance training

Instead of always step by step in high intensity endurance training, as weekly insert 2 high intensity training. For example, on a treadmill to warm up 10 minutes later, sprints or slope run for 30 seconds to 1 minutes, and then 1 to 3 minutes of bag manufacturer high strength exercises as the recovery. This alternate 10 ~ 20 minutes, then stop.


The weight of the dumbbell is not suitable for

For high intensity strength training, practice doing 4 ~ 6 times each, and for moderate strength exercises, each exercise 8 ~ 12 times. The weight of the choice should be appropriate, with each practice last very difficult to finish is appropriate, but not heavy enough to make the action degree of deformation. If the completion of the final practice for the 1 time, felt oneself also has the ability to do 1 times, I suggest you put the weight increase 5 ~ 10%. You may find that, after a substantial increase in the weight, you can reduce the number of repeat, it does not matter, as long as the target muscles in the last few repetitions can feel fatigue. Rest assured, lifting to fatigue is not the muscle practice huge thick. To master the correct exercise methods, let your business is no longer a stagnant!


Repetitive action too fast

Each action takes 6 seconds - 2 seconds of lift off, 4 seconds down. In the down process, because of gravity assisted, so this stage should take action to put more slowly, in order to achieve sufficient strength. Experts believe that the slow motion is a bag factory major improvement, so that you can gain maximum benefit from strength training in.

Oct 18th

Tengku Abdullah eyes Fifa post

By demonlee

FIFA Coins Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has given an assurance he will remain hands-on as FA of Malaysia (FAM) president even if he is elected as a Fifa executive committee member next year.

The newly-elected FAM president formally announced his candidacy yesterday to contest for one of three seats available on the FIFA 15 IOS Coins exco to members of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

Tengku Abdullah’s move raised concerns that he may in future delegate duties in FAM to others just as he had done by bringing Johor FA president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim in as a national team committee advisor.

However, Tengku Abdullah, who is also AFC vice-president, is committed to seeing through the plans he envisioned for Malaysian football when elected to FAM’s top post earlier this year.

“For as long as I am FAM president, I will be hands-on,” said Tengku Abdullah following his announcement in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. “The Fifa position is not a full-time job, they only make policy decisions.

“I have been FAM president for five months and I have many plans under development. I would like at least one year to put these plans into effect and lay the foundation for the future of Malaysian football. I don’t think this should be a problem.”

Tengku Abdullah has already announced he will not seek re-election as the Malaysian Hockey Confederation president to focus fully on his various football duties.

“I don’t think it is an imposition (to have so many posts). It is a question of time management,” he said, adding that if he is successful, his position in Fifa will bring more recognition to Malaysia.

Tengku Abdullah is one six candidates from Asia vying for the three Fifa exco seats at the Fifa Congress on May 28-29 next year in Zurich along with incumbent Worawi Makudi of Thailand and candidates from Jordan, Japan, South Korea and possibly Qatar.

The FAM president’s campaign — 1Asia 1Voice — will focus on increasing Asia’s qualifying allocation for the World Cup as well as increasing the continent’s representation in Fifa.

“These are the two things I want to work on with the AFC president (Shaikh Salman Ebrahim Al Khalifa) and other members and to make our voice heard at Fifa,” said Tengku Abdullah.

“Most of the 46 members of AFC know me well but that is not a guarantee (I will be elected). It does give me a small edge and if I can get 50 per cent support of Asean members, or a bit more, it is also good.”

As for the benefits which could accrue to Malaysian football should Tengku Abdullah win, he said: “That the 2017 Fifa Congress is to be held in Malaysia, the first in the region to host it, is already an honour and recognition of our capability to be hosts.

Old School RS Gold want to make Malaysia a hub for football activities in the region and be the heart of Asian football. I will try to get more coaching and refereeing experts to come to Malaysia and improve Malaysian football.”

Oct 17th

Real Madrid Chelsea 21 Brazil genius Ancelotti had prepared emergency response plans

By fifacoins123


Since the past two days, a lot of Spain media, especially the Marca was at length brought about Real Madrid want to sign Brazil international-class midfielder Lucas Silva, reported this summer, he who refused to move to Shandong Luneng, fifa 15 coins xbox1     now seems to have regarded as Sami Khedira is Real Madrid's stand-in, Germans may leave winter window. However, according to the United Kingdom media talkSPORT radio news, Lucas Silva wanted to sign Europe's biggest clubs was far from Real Madrid, Chelsea actually concerns the players nearly half of the year.


This summer, Chelsea had sent Scouts to Brazil visited Lucas Silva played for Cruzeiro, although Chelsea have quickly hammered out the deal, but the player is considered a long-term investigation targets. These days, when news of Real Madrid want to sign Lucas Silva, Spain posted media barrage, it makes Chelsea aware, fifa 15 coins ps3  if not hurriedly snare, Lucas Silva, Real Madrid probably will take the initiative.


Also this summer, Real Madrid was very close to Lucas Silva, when nearly 15 million euros to buy it, but what happens then is, Sami Khedira did not complete the transfer, real gave the introduction of Lucas da Silva. fifacoins14


Oct 17th

Silence: in the secret communication

By dreamway01

If I tell you to be of great advantage to silence the exchange, will you believe?

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If you don't believe it, you must be a don't like lonely people. Most people will not agree to my words. In fact, many people think that silence is not a communication.


But in fact, silence is a very effective means of communication. Fundamentally speaking, the purpose of the communication is the transmission of information, and the silence in this regard sometimes the effects are better than any words.


In the interpersonal relationship, communication is often evolved into efforts to persuade the other race, not the thought communication. The purpose of exchange became the last word or let the other party to accept your ideas, rather than just sharing different views. When the AC into this appearance, the relationship will be more and more rigid than more harmonious.


Here are the proper use of silence in communication reason:

Better communication: we often say too much. All people have rhetoric about something that simply forget their original meant. Silence will force us to use less language to convey ideas. Ironically, concise language often more clearly.


Listen carefully: shut your mouth, let us have a chance to really listen to each other. When we are no longer talking, we can focus attention to bag manufacturer understand each other, but also can capture more non linguistic details.


To quickly find the solution: communication aim should be to share information and got a conclusion, and not win anything. Sometimes silence not only reduces the unnecessary noise, but also can form the conclusion faster.


But want to notice, the silence can also be misused. Some people use silence to express anger, others use silence to punish or hurt each other. This situation often occurs in the relationship of some cold violence. But the silence will be used for good purpose. So, don't hinder because some silence brings the negative emotions you use the best form of communication.


From time to time in the communication of the silence really need the courage, this is indeed not an easy thing. The irony is that if talking we will feel more comfortable and safe. Say some brief words without further explanation and excuse is bag factory always risky, but this silence is more powerful.

Oct 16th

Teach you to harness graduation dresses for 8th graders accessories

By weddingdress

Can be lead, metallic, satin, silk or cotton, but not just that: two thin straps and a lot of black fabric. This is the time to rev up your little black dress. Make a whimsical and light production your dress for a spin - and bulldoze. There he is, in the depths of your closet lurks second wedding dresses that is threatening to evict you, but always change your mind because, despite the ups and downs of fashion, black is always basic.


1.Use a jacket of bright color. Choose purple or red to attract power and love, and use metal so they glow under the light fittings. Another option is a white jacket with jeweled buttons to bring a youthful and fresh appearance.

2.Make your dress the backdrop for an absurdly giant and flashy necklace. Choose the largest piece you find pure gold, several necklaces with many hanging fake stones or a pearl necklace with several layers. Forget the accessories: it's just you, the graduation dresses for 8th graders and the artwork in his neck.

3.Go golden. Make a golden tunic crochet or knitting with more open spots, and use it on your black dress if you want a sexy and shiny look, while revealing good amount of skin. Add half heel shoes golden paw, silver bracelets and a bag of vibrant color to complete the mixture.

4.Mude the focus of attention from your dress to your face. Gather your hair at the crown and secure it with a wide black belt, adorned with pearls, imitation stones or small silk flowers. Turn your face in the evening star, using shadow with glitter, false eyelashes and lipstick enough. If his admirers also repair in your white handbag with beads and their sandals, fine.

5. Create a mysteriously enclosing silk scarves black and white on his neck. Join silk and satin to create contrasts and textures alternate lengths to reveal pieces of each. If you prefer, switch the focus of attention to his waist, tying scarves around her. Secure them with several large and bright brooches.

6.Traga an air of Hollywood with a super long coat. Can be a metallic caftan or velvet cape with hood, which goes to the floor. The important thing is that you will be able to use her black spaghetti-strap dresses for 8th grade formal all year and no one will notice that you are repeating an outfit.

Oct 16th

Why do you always feel tired?

By dreamway01

Have you ever been working late, watch TV play, enjoy football? Second days Is it right? Feel terribly fatigued, just want to sleep? When a cup of refreshing Coffee or strong tea will undoubtedly play a great help. Because we know that the fatigue sources at this time from lack of sleep. But sometimes, let you the root causes of fatigue is not so obvious, you can only guess Is it right? Excessive movement? Or physical health problems? However, the fatigue problem not to crack the mystery.



For healthy people, whether violent motion or repose, as long as the body appear moderate dehydration, is the body of water diversion around 1.5%, will feel the mood fluctuation obviously and a lack of energy. But compared with men, women are more vulnerable to dehydration effect. Mild dehydration, women's cognitive ability will not be significantly affected, but will think the problem more difficult. Moderate dehydration headaches, fatigue, inability to concentrate to let women. Moderate dehydration let men also feel fatigue, tension, anxiety, more difficult to deal with the intellectual problem. Influenced by their vigilance and memory ability is particularly evident.


Lack of vitamin B12

The human body needs vitamin B12 to participate in the manufacture of bone marrow red cells, prevent the pernicious anemia; prevent brain damage. Lack of vitamin B12 can reduce the red blood cells to produce enough red blood cells, and is the oxygen to the tissues of the body are required, lack of vitamin B12 can indirectly affect the oxygen transmission, let a person have a clearly with your eyes open, the brain is like in bed feeling.


The iron content is too low or too high

Most people know that leads to fatigue and anemia, but don't think that iron supplementation can make people full of energy. Too much iron will make people tired. The body will be the use of vitamins, minerals and energy to get rid of bag manufacturer these extra iron, makes the body's own energy required to reduce.


Too long not movement

Don't exercise also will be tired? Yes, especially with chronic stress. The lack of movement, the human central nervous system is the lack of a sense of excitement, muscles become weak, metabolism slow down, easy to feel tired.


Pressure overwhelmed

Under pressure, the body needs to maintain the normal physiological function of cortisol; if there is no cortisol, the body will not be able to respond effectively to the pressure. When the lion comes, we'll be scared Pigunniaoliu, move. However by cortisol metabolism active, the body can start up to flee or fight. Because the secretion of cortisol release of amino acids, glucose and fatty acid, which is transported to the blood as energy use.


Typically, levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the morning to the evening highest, gradually down, helps the body to maintain a normal pace of life. While the chronic psychological stress can make this pattern imbalance. If your body is always keep alert, cortisol levels in the evening also may not bag factory fall down, will disturb your sleep.

Oct 15th

The simplest way painting classy wedding dresses

By weddingdress

Use magazines and wedding websites for inspiration. Draw a simple dress with a basic shape and then add your own details. Draw this kind of costume can be a hobby or the first step in creating a custom dress. You can draw all types of sleeved wedding dresses learning the basic forms of the costume.


1.Pesquise the design of wedding dresses and learn the different ways. Create a basic template from it. Elegant dresses are just at the top and have a fuller skirt. The dresses straight cut neckline and empire are less bulky, the first fair and looser the second. Already the type mermaid dresses are tight, but well below the knees loose. Dresses with bodices and bandaging are more often tied back.

2.Desenhe the outline of a woman. Use a wooden mold or copy of a photo. In this sketch, will be designed their classy wedding dresses.

3. Choose the basic form of dress you want to wear. Start drawing the top and go down to the end. Copy the dress on the model already outlined. Trace lightly to make it easy to erase mistakes. Erase all the lines of the model that are within the dress - or delete it all if you prefer.

4. Add details to the basic form. Be inspired in other wedding dresses. You can add ribbons, bows, flowers, organza, beads and lace.

5.Pinte any details you do not want white.

Tips & Warnings

Use this method to design outfits for the bridesmaids or suits for the groom and groomsmen.If you have problems copying the basic wholesale mother of the bride dresses, try to trace them to feel more confident. 

Oct 15th

Wenger must pray that Hodgson is right

By fifacoins123

To Pedro, and if the first half of the season attendance to shrink further to join arsenal might make sense, fifa 15 coins xbox1  because Wenger bought him the premise of selling Podolski, Pedro went to the Gunners are expected to be seriously considered.


Wenger must pray that Hodgson is right, if heibei injured, Gunners striker faced no dilemma, because France young striker Sanogo also was injured. France centre-back Laurent koscielny in the national team has not played on the injury, fifa 15 coins ps3 each international fixtures left Arsene Wenger are so worried. Chambers on hull city's League also suspended, arsenal downsizing seriously.


Heibei and hung out with new Gunners team-mate soon after leaving Manchester United, when eating in the national team, he has been stopped from sitting with former reds teammates in the Northwest, but transferred to a London player exclusive "South Fork". Arsenal left-back Kieran Gibbs said: "Danny at dinner table to the table from the South from the North. North players to give him a hard time, but players welcome him in the South. Everybody very well, no new faces, the atmosphere is very good. In the locker room everybody feels good, very relaxed. fifacoins14

Oct 14th

Real Madrid want to sign Vidal apparently felt the need to supplement reinforcements in the avant-garde position

By fifacoins123

Real Madrid want to sign Vidal apparently felt the need to supplement reinforcements in the avant-garde position, after leaving the team this summer, Alonso, Khedira is also possible in the future access to other giants. For Alonso this transfer, fifa coins  Dortmund coach Klopp recently expressed his views, he felt Real Madrid really should not be easily sold the team + double backbone of the Spanish national team.


Klopp said: "I saw Bayern's game against Schalke 04, Alonso 20 minutes before the game's performance I was shocked, simply too praise, and I have never seen such a good performance Aron. Sok definitely be called a world-class player, fifa coins online no Fu Xiaoshou Dortmund and I think now maybe Real Madrid man will ask ourselves whether Alonso let go very properly be regarded as a decision. "



The first 73 minutes, crossing the ball left after Marchisio point, Zaza header from the center top side. Aquilani played replaced Pirlo. The first 76 minutes, Azerbaijan to tie the game, the left corner spin backward point, Chiellini under Aliyev's other striker hit the ball into his own goal interference, 1-1. The first 80 minutes, pulling Nokia and Zaza continuous header ferry, Bonucci right foot volley hit the edge of the area high. The first 82 minutes, Italy ahead again, scoring or Chiellini, Giovinco right crossing the ball left the restricted area, near post outflanking Chiellini shakes Leipzig succeeded, 2-1. The first 91 minutes, Zhisai Marchisio, Giovinco arc right foot curve ball in the forefront of the beam. The end of the match, Italy home triumph, won two straight European preliminaries. read more...