May 12th

What the summer to use skin care products?

By dreamway01

Summer does not pay attention to skin care, skin is easy to dry or sunburn, want to have supple white skin in the summer, a summer skin care knowledge learning.

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In most people's view, as if the summer does not need what skin care: skin is greasy, moisturizing ingredients enough. In fact, summer is generally dry skin, dry skin looks more oily, more serious is the situation. Not enough moisture to the skin is more oily. So, to improve the situation of oily skin, should first choose the moisturizing skin care products.

There are a lot of good moisturizing skin care products on the market, they are usually characterized by a very full of water, and water locking factors. In addition, put a bottle of mineral water in your bag, dry mouth when they drink two; the use of moisturizing cream and moisturizing milk to do the most basic skin care milk; not more than two hours in sunny outdoor activities; do a weekly exfoliating care, so as to make moisturizing milk into the skin deep.



The use of SPF10~15 containing sunscreen every day, try to avoid in the strongest ultraviolet light from the sun at 10 in the morning to 3 pm to go out. At the same time should avoid oral contraceptives, and take some vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E etc.. Also in the drug chlorpromazine, sulfa drugs, tetracycline, hydrochlorothiazide and bag manufacturer photosensitization after avoid going out, eat less food containing additives, preservatives and other foods, eat less fat hen, mustard, purslane, Ma Lan head, figs and other fruits and vegetables containing photosensitive material, so as not to cause dermatitis. Use a sunscreen is a stress, usually in half an hour before going out on the face, back and upper limbs of the exposed parts of sunscreen, go out should be based on the sunshine and sweat every 1 to 3 hours to fill with a sunscreen; according to the length of time to stay outdoors to choose the corresponding SPF sunscreen regularly; sweating or go to the beach and leisure should choose a high SPF and waterproof sunscreen; carry a bottle of mini sunscreen, in order to use the summer make-up whenever and wherever possible; activities such as foundation, powder, lipstick and the like also try to choose a sunscreen function.



The basic skin care products are replaced with the whitening effect of skin care products, such as whitening lotion, whitening cream, Whitening Night Cream etc.; eating food containing pigment, especially a variety of tempting cold drinks and ice cream; pay special attention to hand, foot, neck and other body parts easy to overlook, in sunscreen before bag factory whitening emulsion as base these parts with.



Carry make-up tissue, often with a dry paper towel wipe the skin, keep the skin surface smooth.

May 11th

The charge for your health

By dreamway01

Now, the weather has been gradually heat up, we gradually feel the summer is hot. At this time, what should we do to be able to give us health, the health of the charge?

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First of all, we need to charge our immunity charge. Let's say the winter is very useful, but at this time, the sun is also a lot of color. You know, as a natural disinfectant, but the sun is very rare, and free. So, we can completely in the sunny days, out of the door to the sun. So, enough for us to improve immunity, in this case, we can make some infectious diseases had been isolated. Of course, we still need to choose the sun, generally speaking, the best is the sun at ten in the morning around, we'd better is to bask in the sun at this time.


Secondly, let our digestive ability get a buffer period. In fact, many people do not know, spring is a particularly prone to stomach trouble. If we can be very good to be nursed back to health, so we can very good nutrition absorption, then, can regulate our stomach, and the stomach can also give enough nutrition. Of course, the so-called bag manufacturer recuperation, we still need to depart from the individual. At this time, many people still do not understand, especially the spring is easy to get angry, if we can eat some heat food, can be very good to ease. In fact, this is often the fire lit, we still need to be adjusted from the diet, at the same time, should also be paid attention to oral health, from chewing this piece, always do the work of the care of stomach. Of course, when we brush our teeth, they need to pay attention to, must be ordered, and the best choice for those to toothpaste.


Third, we still need to have a heart of the compressor. To be able to put our good mood to store. In fact, we are now living pressure is relatively large, but when facing a problem, often see more extreme, at this time, we will appear irritability situation. If we take the time to go out to relax, then, will be able to get relief. Of course, when we are bag factory unhappy, you need to resolve, do not be angry.

May 8th

Want to whiten skin, sooner or later the nursing method is very important

By dreamway01

The sun is shining, the strong ultraviolet radiation is a great damage to the skin. The daily moisturizing and sunscreen thick well resist radiation hazards caused by the sun. Here, we went from 7 a.m. to 21 p.m., select the key moment all day whitening, inject vitality and new skills for your beauty.

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Seven o'clock in the morning

The sun was slowly through the thin curtains and open my eyes. Don't sit up, but to lie in bed for a few minutes, let the body relax. Then, after getting out of bed, pour a glass of whole white boiling water, drink. Go to the dresser, use make-up water gently in the face of the skin, keep wet for about ten minutes. These two simple exercises that can help to add a whole night dry skin condition, maintenance procedures can then continue daily basis.


Nine o'clock in the morning

This should start using Concealer products of care for the eye and around their. At this time the eye will gather a lot of melanin, in order to dilute the effect, through daily timely repair, to very good effect on the maintenance of play around the eyes. In order to reduce the dark around the eyes, the skin whitening new.


At twelve o'clock in the afternoon.

This time, the face of the skin is dry, the temperature at noon and dry environment, will make the delicate skin again facing the risk of serious water shortage and ultraviolet radiation black. At this time, you need to carry a moisturizing bag manufacturer spray, at noon comes, let the full integration into active water within the skin, which has tired skin whitening up again.


At sixteen o'clock in the afternoon

This is the best time of exercise, effective physical training, can also help improve the quality of skin elasticity. Through sweat will skin layers in the garbage and grease excretion, and effectively promote the facial blood circulation, enhance the skin elasticity. Then spray replenish moisture, can play the function of remodeling skin elasticity.


At twenty-one o'clock in the evening

One day down, this is the need for the skin do most thoroughly remove it. Regular exfoliating can effectively improve the skin dull, and can help the skin more smooth metabolism. Skin, then gently moisturizing mask attached to the face, the skin will slowly relax. Recommended two times a week to scrub clean, can help restore skin whitening, whitening skin, promote regeneration.


Of course, after every day these points of skin care, skin will have a certain improvement, selection is very important for their skin care products, in addition to the full use of night sleep time, the best time of skin repair is twelve p.m. to three a.m., the time period of the day after radiation, the aging of the skin surface began to fall, the newborn will be replaced by the cuticle of the original, so a good sleep is bag factory also very useful for whitening.

May 7th

To be healthy and don't forget the four cardinal principles

By dreamway01

In modern society, the huge pressure of work has become an indisputable fact, how to find a balance between work and health?

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Four good mood

I want to be healthy, we must first feel comfortable, should be at least 40% more time to have a good mood every day. Simple calculation, if you sleep 8 hours a day, the rest 16 hours, took as long as 7 hours happy enough. So, even if they work zaikuzailei, after work to forget the troubles of work, family and share the joy of life.


Three time move

Lack of exercise is an important reason for the health of office workers body sub. Sedentary is not easy to get fat so simple, now a lot of young people affected by dyslipidemia, hypertension and fatty liver problems; more seriously, life stress, lack of exercise, breast cancer, colorectal cancer will come to. No matter what you do bag manufacturer every day, when your body is 5 hours in motion, sub-health will be far from you.


Two meals with reasonable

Irregular diet will allow you to sub-health. The most exquisite a diet collocation, every meal should eat enough variety of nutrients, but also to prevent excess nutrients. Three meals a day, at least two meals is reasonable. If the breakfast can do eggs, milk, food, fruit, then the remaining two meals, then have a meal to do with meat and vegetables, almost balanced nutrition.


10% with medicine

Although want to quickly get rid of sub-health, but this is not desirable to make the medicine, three drug, if the body is not serious, only about 10% of the cases, only need to use drugs with. Too much reliance on drugs, not only leaving hidden bag factory dangers for the future, but also damage the health now.

May 6th

Whitening practical tips

By dreamway01

Bid farewell to the rainy spring, summer sunshine and comfortable but also to the summer, always give a person with a warm, sunny feeling, and between the skin and the ultraviolet our tug of war should also start, hot summer, for the protection of the skin more delicate, especially in skin whitening. But, don't let annoying ultraviolet away from the skin white. Then, the skin whitening need to care?

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1.Sunscreen and sun repair at the same time

Ladies often go out of the summer knows, the thick smear sunscreen when going out, but also wearing umbrellas, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen equipment seems a lot, how the skin was tanned, what is the reason? In fact, the reason is very simple, good sunscreen products can not be completely insulated and skin to ultraviolet rays, ladies should be in for the skin to the sun at the same time, to repair the skin, after sun repair work is well done, can make the skin from damage. Ladies go back, be sure to do the repairing work for the skin, whether your sunscreen is good enough, sun repair work must not fall.


2.Don't let the cutin on the face

The ladies want white skin, then the excess keratin and dead skin must be regularly cleared out, the sun will not only make ladies skin melanin deposition a lot, but also on the surface of the skin accumulation of keratin and dead skin, these are skin whitening obstacles, if not promptly clean up the skin there will be more and bag manufacturer more dull.


3.Uogurt is a tool for skin whitening

For skin whitening, not nutrition care, skin whitening is the weapon of yogurt, yogurt with ladies appropriate to skin whitening. Yogurt contains a lot of amino acid, can help whiten skin, deeply clean the skin cutin, to supplement the nutrients for the skin. Ladies can direct the yogurt smear on the face, and gently massage, can also be a mask of paper soaked in yoghurt, use the mask to inject nutrition for the skin, the skin whitening is a very good choice. Hot summer, ladies can also be iced yogurt after the smear on the face, can be used for whitening and can repair damaged skin.


4.Tonic whitening can not be less

Many women want to make their skin white up quickly, always use a variety of skin care products, more emphasis on the surface of the skin of the external skin whitening, and little attention to the internal body and skin whitening, skin whitening need actually, externally, to give up the real skin whitening.


The ladies can eat some vitamin C in food, such as a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, studies have shown that often eat rich in vitamin C in fruits and vegetables than do not eat vitamin C skin and many people, from the bag factory fundamental to skin whitening.

May 5th

Bedtime skin care tips

By dreamway01

First of all, is that you can use the milk beauty. We all know that drink a cup of milk before bed helps better sleep, can improve sleep quality. The milk has a function, it can also be beauty, we can drink milk before going to bed a bit, and then put it evenly coated on the face, can take it as a mask. If every day to do so, adhere to a period of time, you will find that your facial skin becomes smooth and delicate. Then start doing it! There will be a surprise, but also without any side effects. We can try.

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Second, is the spice vinegar can also be beauty. Vinegar is every family will have, we will add the vinegar in the dish, eat will add vinegar, and vinegar also helps digestion, is good for the stomach, can stimulate one's appetite. And it is still a everyone beat all effect, it can also be beauty. It can choose to wash a comfortable warm bath yourself before, can pour a little vinegar in the water to take a shower, not only the facial skin will be beauty, body skin also can be treated as such. And then take a shower after will be more comfortable.


Finally, before going to bed is thoroughly cleaned on the face can also be beauty. Many girls will dress up, the night before to face a thorough bag manufacturer cleaning is necessary, it can also protect the skin of the face. The paper not only to use before bedtime remover to clean the face, but also to use facial cleanser carefully clean the face, wash away all the residual cosmetics, facial cleansing at bedtime. At the same time, when cleaning the face can choose more foam cleanser clean again, massage the face, which lasted about ten minutes and then rinse them with clean water, so that the face would be very clean, not because of the residual cosmetics and skin damage. And also the maintenance of the skin massage function, must be clean, this is a good way for the maintenance of the skin.


This skin care method is convenient and simple, as long as every day, your skin will become more bright. Just before going to bed and gently move, say these things are doing every day just to make it more serious about it. Like to drink milk, take a shower, wash your face every day we are doing, so as to maintain the skin with more cosmetic benefit more than us. Besides cosmetics also contain some bag factory chemicals, may cause some damage to the skin.

May 4th

Women eat what food can prevent wrinkles?

By dreamway01

Everyone is afraid of getting old, longer afraid of wrinkles. Especially women, women after the age of 25, the appearance in the downhill. How can we keep the youth, not long wrinkles?

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1.Cherry juice -- can help facial skin whitening Phytosome clear spot

Since ancient times is the beauty effect. Cherry juice can help facial skin whitening ruddy, Phytosome clear spot, many whitening products the most love. Cherry is not only rich in vitamin C, but also extremely rich in iron, is 13 times that of hawthorn, Apple's 20 times. In addition to high iron content, it also contains the balance of cortical secretion, delay the aging of vitamin A, help activate cells, beautify the skin.


2.Pomegranate -- has strong antioxidant effect, skin effect more juice

Pomegranate mouthwatering has been shown to have strong antioxidant effect. It contains a component called ellagic acid, can make cells from environmental pollution, UV rays harm, nourish cells, slow the aging body. Studies have shown that, ellagic acid in the radiation and Green Tea than red wine polyphenols contained in more .


3.Carrot -- containing rich pectic substances

The carrot is known as "skin food", can moisten the skin. Carrots are rich in pectin substances, can be combined with mercury, so that the body of harmful components can be discharged, the skin looks rosy and smooth. It contains beta carotene, the antioxidant and can whiten the skin, prevent melanin deposition, and can bag manufacturer remove excess skin keratinocytes. It also contains antioxidant than vitamin E.


4.Olive leaf extract helps the skin cells to fight against the outside world

As early as in ancient Greece, the olive tree is a symbol of life and health, in addition to healthy food can be used as food, more prominent cosmetic effect. From leaves to fruits, olive body can be extracted from the skin. Olive leaf extract can help skin cells to fight against pollution, oxidation and UV induced pressure; while the olive fruit contains another powerful antioxidant -- phenolic compounds, it is combined with the olive bitter, provides double antioxidant repair.


5.Cucumber -- can be effective against skin aging, reduce wrinkles

It tastes delicious, crisp fragrance, highly respected people thin. And it is rich in human growth and development and life activities necessary for a variety of sugars and amino acids, and vitamins, provide sufficient nutrients to the skin and muscle, which can effectively combat skin aging, reduce wrinkles. Contained abundant acid, can clean the skin, eliminating sunburn and freckles, relieve skin allergies.


6.Grape -- anti-aging moisturizing Jiapin

It contains a lot of grape polyphenols, have antioxidant function, can block the proliferation of free gene, effective anti-aging; it also contains tannic acid, citric acid, has a strong convergence effect and soft moisturizing effect. In addition, the grape pulp contains vitamin B3 and rich in minerals, deep moisturizing, anti-aging and promote skin cell renewal.


7.Contains a variety of vitamins in apricot apricot

Not only has the beauty of the appearance, but also rich in sugars, acid, dietary fiber, flavonoids, vitamin C and iron, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals, especially rich in vitamin B17 content. Almonds are rich in protein, fat, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Rich in minerals and plant-based unsaturated oil, has good gentle nourishing effect.


8.A grapefruit -- contain citric acid has been widely used in the field of skin care

A 2005 study conducted by a research institution confirmed, the smell of grapefruit can make a woman look 6 years younger than the average male. Now, a grapefruit contains citric acid has been widely used in the field of skin care. This bag factory ingredient can help skin cell metabolism and excretion, thus making skin smooth, splendor.

Apr 29th

What kind of exercise to lose weight the most effective?

By dreamway01

Have a look in the window fresh market, wrapped in a slim tall on the mannequin beautiful summer, then have a look of self shot no matter how modified slightly bloated body, what reason not to act quickly losing weight? However, method of maintaining a healthy weight, good figure never do things by irregular ways, must eat two dynamic balance among them, the lack of exercise; for most office workers, especially should pay attention to exercise, exercise properly according to their physical condition, and persevere.

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For weight loss, what kind of sport is the most effective and easy to operate? Due to aerobic exercise can consume a large amount of heat, so that various forms of aerobic exercise should be the first choice. Specific to the form of movement, Hebei Province Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics director Zhao Jian pointed out, everyone should exercise ways according to their specific circumstances, only for their own, can this exercise as exercise habits and stick to it, exercise can receive the ideal effect.


Brisk walking or jogging: brisk walking or jogging is relatively mild, persistent, vigorous aerobic exercise, and is a whole body movement, not only can fully exercise, consumption of energy, but also can improve the function of heart and lung, more suitable for older elderly, or knee injury.

Swimming: swimming is also a systemic bag manufacturer movement of the large amount of exercise, but also in the water bearing, particularly suitable for knee injury. But compared with the brisk walking or jogging, swimming requires more specific sports venues.


Climbing: climbing stairs or walk for the large amount of exercise, fitness or weight loss, but also to appreciate the scenery of nature, in the process of physical and mental pleasure sports like climbing stairs; go, more suitable for office workers to carry out whenever and wherever possible. But the climbing stairs or movement of the knee under pressure, easy to damage, so its movement of knee injury or degenerative joint disease is not suitable for climbing stairs or walk.

Sports: badminton, table tennis and other sports confrontational sports belong to the strenuous exercise, the large amount of exercise, more suitable for young people, if the elderly and heart and lung disease or injury of knee joint is not suitable.


Sit ups: can enhance muscle, back muscle strength, to improve the local shape and has a good effect.


Flying a kite in the spring: this season, kite flying is also a financial exercise and entertainment for the whole of the mode of motion. In the process of kite flying, running, walking, line of action will be to the role of the body movement, but also look at the bag factory kite movement also has health care function of the cervical spine.

Apr 28th

Five kinds of oil control cleansing and refreshing to meet summer

By dreamway01

Oily skin is every woman's nightmare, acne and the pores thick it is annoying. Oily skin should be how to clean?

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What reason is easy to cause the skin out of the oil too much?

Wash your face too many times

Face oily, want to wash. Many people like oily skin, oil wash, washing the face, not for a while the skin out of oil. Wash your face too many times, but cause the sebaceous glands secrete oil quantity increases, but also lead to more and more dry skin. Scientific wash times a day wash your face no more than three times, but also to the use of texture mild Cleansing Cream, oily skin, wash your face when you can add a little salt, not only sterilization, also has some oil control effect.

Do not apply moisturizing cream

Cleansing Cream can wash the grease of the skin, but can not control. Oily skin surface oil, but it is short of water, only add moisture to the skin, oil control can fundamentally. After cleansing, should put some moisturizing emulsion.

Not long to go to the cutin

Some people think exfoliating will make the skin damage, never use exfoliating products, every phone is not up to the effect of the oil. Thanks to the skin and sensitive skin, not to skin and oily skin does not have what problem, but is must go to horny, because if not long to go to horny, horny layer is too thick, will affect the skin absorption.


How to clean oily skin?

1.Gentle cleansing milk instead of alkaline Foam Cleanser

Summer is the time period of oily skin, facial shiny people and step back, in order to deal with the annoying fat, many people will choose bag manufacturer strong foaming cleanser to clean the face skin cleanser, but these often contain basic components, it will take strong skin oil and water, so it will make the skin secrete more fat, fat is more rampant, so choose a mild cleanser is a good choice.

2.To avoid the use of cold cream

Summer oily problems more than in the dry skin, but to give the skin to add moisture, pay attention to oily skin, do not use oily cream, it will only exacerbate the greasy, but also let the skin feel uncomfortable burden, especially in summer.

3.Deep cleansing mask and moisturizing facial alternately

Deep cleansing mask in the finish after cleaning the face with some, can play a very good effect to remove greasy, facial skin instantly dry many pores are open, feel the feeling, but also in line with the replenishment mask used alternately, so after cleaning the skin with water, do not let the fat free drilling.

4.The paper of oil absorption and moisture used interchangeably

In the daytime the greasy control, you can use oil absorbing paper assisted, feel oily skin can use oil absorbing paper to wipe away, oily face, but in the use of oil absorbing paper should also be a bottle of water moisture in the body, can effectively prevent the spread of oily water immediately.

5.Select the quality of sunscreen products

Oily skin in the summer but don't let go of the sun, but in the choice of sunscreen, choose the best quality and non oily sunscreen products, it can reduce the burden of facial skin, enjoy the refreshing feeling, if feel greasy, can be painted sunscreen bag factory products with oil absorbing paper gently press skin, reduce oil.

Apr 25th

Long time playing mobile phone the harm to the eyes.

By dreamway01

Mobile phone has not only communication device, or a lot of people entertainment artifact, especially the modern young people is a long-term mobile phone in hand, like using a mobile phone to read novels, play games, micro-blog. But you know, this looks very tide of intelligent mobile phone will make your eyes more and more far away from the health. So, long time using a mobile phone to have what harm to the eyes up to understand it?.

 bag factory

Play the game easy to dry eye syndrome

When playing the game, the screen flashing light can cause persistent irritation to the eyes, the eyes kept catch the light, will make the eyes feel very tired. Attention is too concentrated, natural blink is greatly reduced, the tear film layer on the surface of the eye damage, thereby increasing the eye fatigue and dryness, itching feeling, even hurt the eyes, photophobia, tears, and other symptoms, occurrence of dry eye syndrome.


Prone to cause visual fatigue

Long time with the eye itself is easy to cause visual fatigue, concentrate one's attention on staring at mobile phone screen, the screen constantly changing light and can cause persistent irritation to the eyes, the eyes kept catch the light, will make the eyes fatigue. Especially when the surrounding environment is dark, and the mobile phone screen is bright, the damage mechanism is particularly large, often times past will lead to decreased visual acuity, deepen myopia problem etc..


Bow to play mobile phone are susceptible to conjunctivitis

Long time playing mobile phone, especially in the bumpy car down at the mobile phone, the eye conjunctival harm. Because the fixed head posture for a long time, easy to make the blood flow to the eyes, causing mild bag manufacturer hyperemia conjunctiva conjunctival vessels, but also prone to mild papillary hyperplasia and follicular etc.. At first, there may be canthus (eye), moist skin flushing, crusting phenomenon, if not pay attention to, are chronic inflammatory lesions induced by conjunctival tissue, resulting in chronic conjunctivitis.


Lead to dry eyes, itching

Intelligent mobile phone screen, high brightness, screen focus too much information, concentrate one's attention on staring at the screen, the screen constantly changing light can cause persistent irritation to the eyes, the eyes kept catch the light, will be on the ocular surface tear film layer damage, thereby increasing the eyes fatigue, dry, itchy feeling, even the eyes of tears, pain, photophobia and other symptoms.


Causes of juvenile myopia

Focus on the mobile phone game, mobile phone on the words and pictures are small, the eyes will imperceptibly from the mobile phone screen is more and more near, if things go on like this, it is easy to induce myopia, especially under the age of 18 in a period of growth and development of young people, the use of mobile phone short distance, the thermal effect produced by the screen will be bag factory on the health of the eye a threat.