Sep 26th

Investigator Garcia Calls For FIFA To Make Report Public

By demonlee

Michael Garcia, the chairman of the inquiry into the bidding processes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments, called on soccer’s world governing body FIFA 15 Coins on Wednesday to make his report public.

In a statement, issued by his office in Chicago, Garcia, who submitted his 350-page report to German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert earlier this month, said FIFA 15 Coins PS4 should reconsider its position to keep it private.

While Garcia has led the investigation into alleged corruption surrounding the votes for the two tournaments, won by Russia and Qatar respectively, Eckert will decide what sanctions, if any, should be imposed.

In his statement Garcia said: “Given the limited role Mr Hans-Joachim Eckert envisions for the Adjudicatory Chamber, I believe it is now necessary for the FIFA Executive Committee to authorise the appropriate publication of the Report on the Inquiry into the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bidding Process.

“Publication would be consistent with statements made by a number of Executive Committee members, with the view recently expressed by Independent Governance Committee Chair Mark Pieth, and with the goals of the reform process.”

Last week British Conservative MP Damian Collins said he had written to Britain’s Serious Fraud Office asking that it obtains a copy of the investigation which could lead to criminal charges.

Earlier on Wednesday, a statement from Eckert said he expected to give some indication publicly at the beginning of November of his position regarding Garcia’s findings, adding it was up to Garcia to decide whether any more specific proceedings should be started against individuals.

Eckert’s statement went on to quote article 36 of the FIFA Code of Ethics, which effectively says that only the final decision of the adjudicatory chamber may be made public — meaning what is in the report stays behind closed doors.

Garcia’s statement on Wednesday comes the day before the start of a two-day FIFA executive committee meeting in Zurich.

In recent weeks RS Gold executive committee members and vice-presidents Jim Boyce of Northern Ireland and Jeffrey Webb of the Cayman Islands, as well as Moya Doidd of Australia and Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, have all called for Garcia’s full findings to be made public.

Sep 25th

Chan C Lo comparable rival Real Madrid new favorite NBA Jordan: He can score per game

By fifacoins123


Real Madrid in La Liga Week 5 5-1 home victory over Elche, C Ronaldo completed Luckiest Man miracles, cruised before he has scored five amazing 9-ball, and has been among the overall top scorer in La Liga history of the 10th bit. fifa coins  For such an outstanding C Ronaldo, Elche coach Esk Riva exclaimed: "C Lo just like the NBA's Michael Jordan!"


C Lo in the game against Deportivo La Coruna handed a note headed conceded, according to "Aspen" statistics, fifa coins online C Luo after full take-off, the head height of 2.6 meters from the ground.


"C Lo is an unparalleled extraordinary player, always possible goals such as hemp." Esk Riva said after the game. "Research studies like Jordan, like C Lo In the NBA, even if you plan in advance how good to stop him scoring, but still useless, Jordan still can frequently score even give him two free throws seemed so superfluous." Click Here


Sep 25th

There are techniques covered satin beach informal wedding dresses

By weddingdress

For maximum glamor on formal occasions, choose a coat that is chic and elegant, like plush cuffs, a decorated cardigan or a structured bolero. For a more provocative and casual look, cover your satin dress with contrasting fabrics in texture and style, like a leather jacket or a sweater for winter. Satin bridal gowns with sleeves, with its shine and luxurious texture, allow many coverage options.


A black suit or a blazer look great with many party dresses, including satin. Choose a blazer to balance a printed satin dress or to fit into the day-to-day life of an office. A bolero with short or long sleeves creates a refined look. Leather jackets are amazing toppings, the resistance of leather contrasts with the softness of the dress. Try this combination to look like a rock star. In the same line, a short jacket over this dress creates a kind of fashion and unexpected look.


A plain cardigan falls perfectly well on satin beach informal wedding dresses and other outfits for special occasions. Choose a tighter model, made in lightweight cashmere, merino and silk. A shorter cardigan highlight your dress and lengthen the legs a flattering shape. Look for attractive ornaments such as rosettes, beads, lace and metallic details. Another option is to use a bulky knit sweater in a dress of delicate satin to play with the contrast. This fashion combination is great for meetings and parties.


Pashminas and shawls are not innovative coverage and may appear clumsy or outdated. Pashminas - shawls made ​​of cashmere - have become fashionable in the 1990s style expert Tim Gunn warns against these pieces, if your intention is to stay in fashion. However, if you are participating in a conservative social event and need not be super stylish a pashmina or a scarf are appropriate options. They are hot and therefore useful in cold places, such as churches and gardens, which use only a satin dress to leave you cold.

Shawls and vests

They are especially well on satin informal beach wedding dresses long sleeve. Jackets in thick wool and worsted wool on the dress will leave more casual look. Velvet jackets will increase the glamor and will add elegance and texture. Hollywodiano For a vintage look, use collars in plush, antique jewelry and peep-toe heels. If you're tired of the usual toppings, vests are a good option.

Sep 25th

Eat four fruits added moisture in autumn

By dreamway01

Autumn is a season of appropriate temperature, but the other side is the drying temperature is appropriate, people will be in the fall is facing one of the biggest problems is dry, so you should pay attention to eat some fruit, to improve the drying to introduce you to four kinds of fruit, dry autumn is most suitable to eat.

 bag factory


Pear sweet and cool, slightly acidic, with heat Sheng Jin, moistening the lung and eliminating phlegm effect, prevention and treatment of the fruit of autumn dryness. Pear can maintain tissue health status, can soften blood vessels. The nutrition community, pears have a loud name -- natural mineral water. Juicy, less slag, but dietary fiber and B vitamins are very rich. Many people fall have skin itching, so, supplement moisture content is the most important, is the optimal replenishment of pear fruit.



Because the pomegranate contains very rich in minerals, there are two major anthocyanins and pomegranate polyphenols antioxidant components, it also contains vitamin C, linoleic acid and folic acid, can for our skin quickly add moisture. Pomegranate and warm, sweet, sour, astringent, with Shengjinzhike efficacy, suitable for fluid deficiency dry mouth, thirst, chronic diarrhea, leucorrhea Qingxi frequency and other symptoms.



Hawthorn acid sweet, tepid, detoxification, refreshing, clearing stomach, refreshing, enhance appetite, in addition to the lipid antihypertensive efficacy. Hawthorn contains vitamin C, carotene and so generate substances can block and bag manufacturer reduce free radical, can enhance the body's immunity, has anti-aging, anti-cancer role, hawthorn has rich nutrition, vitamin C and calcium content is very high, suitable for high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes and children's food.



Grape fruit industry is the beauty of the king. Contains a large number of grape polyphenol, has the oxidation resistance function, can block the proliferation of free gene, effective anti-aging; it also contains tannic acid, citric acid, has a strong convergence effect and the soft moisturizing effect. In addition, grape fruit contains vitamin B3 and rich in minerals, can deep moisturizing, anti-aging and promote skin cell renewal. Grape also has the efficacy of replenishing qi and blood, strong bones and muscles, through main and collateral channels, detumescence, diuresis, suitable for anemia, hypertension, edema, neurasthenia, fatigue people eat. Grapes of high iron content, also suitable for bag factory eating children, women, the frail anemia.

Sep 24th

Make tie-dye plus size tea length wedding dresses is no longer a worry

By weddingdress

The type of ink that will be needed will depend on the fabric of the dress; check the manufacturer's label when buying ink. When you have all the desired color, play with the various dyeing techniques such as spiral technique, so you'll know what model the dress will have. Also, consider dye the shoes the color of the dress to have a combination. Give a twist on old mermaid wedding gowns or add style to a wedding party with a tie-dye technique.


1.Fill a bucket with 240 mL of mixture of sodium carbonate and 4 liters of water. Completely submerge the dress in the mix, it will prepare the fibers and it will allow the ink to be absorbed. Stir the water and let the dress dipped for 20 minutes.

2.Remove the dress from the water and wring out the excess. Using rubber bands, or string, tie the dress the way you want. To create a traditional design spiral, put the dress on a flat surface and hold the center of the fabric. Keeping the plus size tea length wedding dresses on the flat surface, turn the center of it, causing it to start getting in a pinwheel shape. Wrap the elastic or string gown to keep it in that position for dyeing.

3.Misture ink according to the manufacturer's instructions. When well mixed, transfer it to a tube with a pointed end. You will squeeze the ink onto the fabric. Repeat the process to mix the ink and transfer it to tubes until you have all the desired colors.

4.Insert newspapers or trash bags scattered on a flat surface. Put the dyed dress on the surface and squeeze the paint on it. Silk and satin fabrics will absorb the ink quickly. Due to the rapid absorption, use small amounts of ink in this fabric. Other fabrics such as polyester and cotton will absorb ink more slowly.

5.Transfira dress for a big plastic bag and close. The bag will acted as an incubator for fixing the ink on the fabric fibers. Leave the bag with the piece sit for four hours.

6.Enxágue the dress after four hours. When the water runs clear, the dress is ready. Let the piece dry hung or stretched on a surface. If the fabric allow the washing machine, put the dress on it alone and adjust the water temperature to cold.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the ink out of the reach of children and pets.Discard any excess ink. Use old vintage mother of the groom dresses and gloves to protect your hands and clothes.


Sep 24th

Only five La Liga, goals C Ronaldo has reached nine

By fifacoins123

Only five La Liga, goals C Ronaldo has reached nine, far ahead of Messi (3 goals). Among active players, the total number of hat-trick two are 28 ranks first among the pack to keep pace. Competition with Macy data? C Lo has been immersed in beyond a joy and a legend. Now his goals have tied the history of La Liga scorer 10 Sandy Rana, fifa 15 coins online  beyond the Villa, the former top scorer in La Liga history 10! Even more frightening is: he was 29 years old.


He played in the last round of the 24th Real Madrid hat-trick beyond Puskas, now approaching Di Stefano will be recorded by Luckiest Man (28 times). More frightening is that such data are lifelong Puskas and Di Stefano data, while C Lo also unhappy 30-year-old Real Madrid's career is far from unfinished. buy fifa 15 ultimate team coins  In the overall standings scored, C Ronaldo 268 balls while still far behind the legendary Carlos, Raul Di Stefano and seniors (323 balls), but averaged 1.04 goals in Real Madrid history already is the highest efficiency, Puskas also only the second averaging 0.92 goals.


Interestingly, C Lo is no doubt that Real Madrid has been the core of high status in the team, but "fame", even though there have been captain Iker Casillas or main location storm, C Lo nor been involved. This field is Ancelotti Casey won, "Marca" website before the game starts when released deliberately released a short message, said the Real Madrid starting today, the average age of 24.23 years old, by 29-year-old C Luo led. And to emphasize this is a young starter Casey scored in the situation to achieve. Can not help but speculate, is it time for Ronaldo to Real Madrid surname, really into? Click Here




Sep 24th

The most suitable for detoxification diet of fruits and vegetables in Autumn

By dreamway01

Autumn is the best time to detox the body fat, the body of toxins, if not promptly removed, it will accumulate in the body, this will make the abdominal bulge, produce fat, will take the acne on the face.

 bag factory


Good dietary fiber in the kiwi, it not only can reduce cholesterol, but also can help digestion, prevent constipation, quickly remove and prevent accumulation of harmful metabolites in vivo. Kiwi fruit contains vitamin C, E, K, and belongs to the low fat food nutrition and dietary fiber rich, with a unique role for slimming, beauty. Kiwi fruit is low in fat and cholesterol, eat much also is not afraid of. Kiwi fruit roots and clearing heat, diuretic, blood circulation, reducing the effectiveness.



Nutritional components in broccoli, not only the content is high, but very comprehensive, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamin C and carotene. Broccoli with high water content is up to above 90%, lower calories. Broccoli can promote liver detoxification and swelling effect, can play the role of detoxification, slimming effect.



Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and carotene and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and iodine and other N elements, it also contains protein, carbohydrates, organic acids, cellulose, helps detox. Malic acid and citric acid and other organic acids tomatoes contain, with increased gastric acidity, help digestion, adjust gastrointestinal function, can reduce the cholesterol content, diuretic and remove the legs tired, reduce swelling of the problem.



Carrot is effective detoxification food, and water swelling, removing excess body fat and water. It is not only rich in can neutralize the toxin in carotene, and contain a lot of vitamin A and pectin can be combined with mercury, effectively reduce bag manufacturer the blood concentrations of mercury ions, accelerate the discharge. Every day eat carrots can stimulate the gastrointestinal blood circulation, improve the digestive system.



The apple contains particular malic acid, can accelerate metabolism, reduce lower body fat, and it contains the amount of calcium than other fruits rich, can reduce the salt content is lower body edema. In Apple galacturonic acid helps detox, pectin is able to avoid the corruption of food in the intestine.



Spinach is rich in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and a certain amount of iron, vitamin E helps ingredients, can supply the body with N nutrient. Spinach contains plant a large number of crude fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, laxative effect. Trace elements of substances contained in spinach, can promote the body metabolism, accelerate fat burning. In addition, the rich potassium bag factory substances in spinach can help to effectively eliminate edema.

Sep 24th

How to avoid damage to the wig

By misspink

One of the important ways to make sure that your lace wigs last longer is to wash the wig when it’s soiled. This will help prevent the dirt and grime from forming in the lace as well as the hair. It will also help avoid damage to the wig or your natural hair. Also, you have to make sure that you keep your natural hair clean too; otherwise dirt will get deposited on the lace wigs. In order to revitalize the hair on the wig or to repair any damages that might have occurred, sometimes if your wig is custom made, you can take it back to the custom wig store to have it professionally cleaned.

You may have to shell out a few dollars for this but then it would help make your lace front wigs last longer and look better if you yourself are not capable of doing so.You must make it a point to learn how to put on the lace front wigs and also take them off so as not to damage the wig when applying it or when removing it. When you select an adhesive of other hair care product, you should ensure that it safe for humans to use and at the same time it should be gentle on the lace wigs too. There are some wig adhesives and styling products like hair sprays that can cause harm to your hair.

Be sure to invest in good full lace wigs care accessories. Make sure you lace front wigs are kept on a stand when not in use so that each of them retains its shape.There are a wide variety of wigs that you can choose from and they are available at very reasonable prices. They are extremely comfortable to use even on a daily basis and are normally custom fitted so as to match your natural hairline and provide you the most natural looks possible.Whenever required, you can reseal the hair knots for each strand of hair by using knot sealer on the inside of the wig cap.

This will provide the reinforcement to the hair knot making it stronger and thus increasing the life of your lace wigs. If these ladies wigs are natural hair wigs then you might like to wash them often. There are many hair care products available especially for lace wigs so you can use this kind of shampoos and conditioners to maintain your ladies wigs.If you wish to alter the hairstyle of your lace wig you should seek the help of a professional, but please remember that synthetic hair has been set in the style it was purchased and will stay in that style even after washing.

Cheap lace wigs come in a wide variety and you can choose one based on your requirements and preferences. Based on what you want, you can easily find a wig that is durable and attractive not forgetting the quality. If you know exactly what you want, then it becomes a lot easier in getting that perfect hair style and gorgeous look that you are looking for. You can choose from lace front wigs which have long hair or bob cuts in any color or hair texture that you might choose.

Lace front wigs are attached to your head with the help of thin glue and it appears to be your natural hair. Cheap lace wigs have made it possible for anyone to afford a quick change in hairstyle or for patients suffering from alopecia or those who have undergone chemotherapy to get back their original look by choosing a lace wig that matches their original hair color, texture and style. You just cannot go wrong when it comes to these lace fronts.Each of the lace front wigs is comparable to a work of art, with the hair strands woven into a fine lace cap which fits over the head like another skin when you wear it.

Sep 24th City of the Elves Launches

By demonlee

Jagex has released its first-ever expansion pack for Runescape 2007 Gold: Lost City of the Elves! RuneScape members who have completed the Plague's End quest can now enter the gates of Prifddinas, north of Lletya.

Within FUT 15 Coins the Tower of Voices (the central hub of Prifddinas), you'll be able to access the Grand Exchange and bank, train your Firemaking, travel to your clan citadel, port and house, access the Loyalty Store and more. Visit the various Elven clans around the city to see if you can help them out, and engage in some city activities such as Pickpocketing and catching the Crystal Implings.

Later this year, more Fifa 15 xobx coins sections of the city will open up: homes of the Hefin, Meilyr, Ithell and Amlodd clans. Read more about the expansion at the official site and make sure you give your feedback on RuneScape's forums!

Sep 23rd

The decoration of the graduation dresses for 8th graders have the skills

By weddingdress

One way of trying to save a bit is to make your own dress or have someone do it for you, a professional seamstress, a friend or relative. Some professional seamstresses can not be afraid to put delicate lace appliques on a dress, but actually sew them on the fabric is not difficult. Brides often worry too much about the cheap casual wedding dresses. Magazines show dresses that cost thousands of dollars and they can take a good part of the bride's budget.


1.Use purchased appliques or cut income from other parts to make the appliqué gown.

2.Use the silk organza to give more support to larger appliques, especially those that come with bills or other heavier embellishments. Place the appliqué in organza and cut to the exact size of the appliqué. Stitch the appliqué and silk together, near the edge.

3.Put the silk apply manually after the mature wedding dress is ready. Ask for the bride to try the dress in front of a mirror and start using the pins to decide where appliques silk will. Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean and dry when tapping the dress. Use a fabric pen to mark where the appliques will look when attached to the dress.

4.Check if your needle is sharp and has chips. Stitching using a thread of silk of 45 cm in length. Write two or three points in the rear of the implement, leaving a tail of approximately 5 cm.

5. Hold income in place. Put the needle on the graduation dresses for 8th graders and make a tiny knot in the fabric near the income, then pass the needle back from the tip of apply approximately 1 cm. Insert the needle in and then apply the fabric of the dress, making another small knot. When you get near the end that was facing, turn another section. Continue stitching in this manner until you reach the point where he started. Use a sewing scissors to cut the rest of the wire and hide underneath the tip of the appliqué. Finish stitching around and holding the wire. Take the needle and the thread behind the appliqué and cut the thread close to the dress to the bottom line despareça income. Use the method of thread the needle and make a knot and pin with the point to apply the income. Take the needle and use it to carefully pass under about 2 cm from the edge of the applique.