Aug 14th

Six reasons for the rapid aging of women

By dreamway01

Aging is a woman's beauty, natural enemies, with the passage of time, our bodies gradually appear aging symptoms, the human body is certainly a natural law, but many women in the real age of aging and age. Another common phenomenon is that women of the same age, some of them are older than others. The causes of these phenomena are related to the genetic factors, but also the behavior and cognition of the individual.

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First, overdraft young capital

A lot of women, especially when compared with the young, no maintenance of the skin or the body of consciousness, life, work seriously overdraft the young capital.

Recommended for each adult woman every day for at least 5~10 minutes (for example, before going to bed) to maintain the skin's time (note is not the make-up time), with a number of skin care products, do mask, eat vitamin. Maintenance of the range is not just the face, but also to expand to the hands and feet and other easy wear parts.


Second, the diet structure is irrational

Skin is a barometer of nutrition, almost every nutrient deficiency will cause damage to the quality and texture of the skin. A balanced diet, adequate intake of nutrients can be raised in. Diet should be diversified and pay attention to collocation, the need to emphasize is that over a delicate diet, like an over - fat diet, the skin texture and physical fitness.


Third, regular intake is not conducive to the skin and the body of low quality food

Low - quality food, or junk food, such as fried foods, sweet drinks, snacks, and processed foods containing more preservatives, pigment and bag manufacturer flavor. It is recommended that women do not seek convenient, fast and often choose low quality food. Try to reduce the number of restaurants or fast food, as far as possible to go home to eat, if you can cook their own food is better.


Fourth, no selection of appropriate skin care products

Practice has proved that, as long as the right choice (right, not necessarily expensive), skin care products to delay skin aging effect is more significant.

Generally believe that the supply of water (such as water spray), fill the oil (such as olive oil), vitamin (such as vitamin E) to maintain the skin.


Fifth, lack of exercise

Traditional Chinese people still not active, especially women, especially middle-aged women. Exercise increases blood circulation and improves skin's microcirculation. The amount of exercise, especially aerobic exercise to maintain the body and the skin of the young state are of great benefit.


Sixth, no serious treatment of menopause

Menopause (also known as peri menopause) is a special physiological period for every woman to go through, it is generally 40 years old, and sustainable for several years to ten years. During this period, the biggest characteristic is that the aging speed is obviously accelerated. This is caused by a decrease in estrogen level after the first wave.

Women in this period, regardless of whether the symptoms of menopause syndrome, should be actively take measures, including a variety of measures (antioxidant) to hormone replacement therapy (Supplement), please follow the bag factory doctor's advice, to slow the aging process.

Aug 14th

Bonds and RuneCoins

By demonlee


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Aug 13th

Which occupations most damage our skin?

By dreamway01

Skin is the first face, in a large extent, your skin conditions determine the people's first impression of you, which also makes skin care products in recent years to occupy a larger market. But in fact, a lot of skin problems are long-term, and can not simply rely on skin care products to be improved. Skin problems not only with people's living habits, but also with people engaged in the occupation of a certain degree of correlation, different occupations have different degrees of damage to the skin. So, what occupation most harm our skin?

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First of all, the work of the firefighters will have a greater harm to the skin. This is because as firefighters, due to the work of the reasons, their skin is often exposed to toxic fumes, which is not conducive to the skin health, if not pay attention to the long time there may cause skin cancer. Therefore, firefighters must pay attention to the work on the field will be able to wash away as soon as possible, as for the use of equipment in the course of the work must be in the end of serious cleaning, the best use of things and things in daily life used in the daily life, in order to prevent unnecessary trouble.


Second, a part of the workers' working environment will have a more serious damage to human skin, such as the farmers and oil refinery workers. This is due to the nature of the work, the two types of people's labor intensity is larger, generally easy to sweat, will cause more damage to the skin. And sweat will improve photosensitivity of bag manufacturer people, more likely to cause sunburn. Therefore, they should take the necessary protective measures. Farmers can do a good job in the outside of the sun protection measures, sunscreen, sunscreen is a good choice; and oil refinery workers in addition to the attention of the sun, but also should pay attention to do a good job cleaning work.


Third, the driver is also a more dangerous occupation. This is because the sun's ultraviolet rays can penetrate the window, that is, they are almost exposed to work in ultraviolet light, which can be imagined for skin damage. Therefore, for the long time in the work of the drivers, should pay attention to do a good job in the work of the sun, should choose a high index of sunscreen, especially in the back of the hand, which can effectively prevent skin damage, reduce the probability of suffering from skin cancer.


Fourth, long-term exposure to the sun on the skin will have a more serious damage, but not the sun will cause some damage to the skin in a long time. Therefore, people who sit in the office for a long time should also pay attention to the prevention of skin diseases. Sitting in the office for a long time, people can not accept the UVA ray irradiation, which will inevitably lead to the lack of vitamin D, making the increase in the probability of melanoma, is not conducive to the health of the skin. But it should be noted that those who have the aid of the weekend more than the sun's office workers should pay attention to the sun too much bag factory sun will cause more serious damage to the skin.

Aug 12th

Summer sweat to help the body detoxification

By dreamway01

Sweating is the body's normal metabolic response, is a way to keep the body warm, the summer as the temperature rise in the body of the heat generated by the increase in the content of the. Normal sweating can help the body's metabolism, but also detoxification regimen.

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1.Detoxification element. Movement of the human body a lot of sweat, in the process of accelerated the body's blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of the body. Sweating at the same time will also be in vivo accumulation of toxins, these toxins in lactic acid, urea, also as the discharge to the role of physical fitness.


2.Control blood pressure. In the process of active sweating, capillary dilation, accelerated blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the vascular wall, but also can play a very good role in lowering blood pressure.


3.Promote intestinal digestion. In the process of sweating, can promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the digestion of food, so that the stomach to reach the best state, can effectively help cure gastrointestinal diseases.


4.Skin beauty beauty. Body always don't sweat the skin metabolism slows down, the toxin in the body is difficult to discharge, causing the bag manufacturer oxidation of the skin, the skin to accelerate senescence; active sweating can help the pores of dirt discharge, promote skin metabolism, play a very good skin care and beautifying effect, so beauty people must take the initiative to sweat.


5.Body slimming. When exercise more than 30 minutes after the body starts burning fat, fat burning is converted to heat, and excreted through sweat, in such a process body weight loss.


So how do we make the initiative to sweat it? How to make the initiative to sweat and keep healthy?


1.Drink hot water before exercise. Sweating can cause the body is in a state of water shortage, so before exercise to drink the right amount of hot water, to prevent the body dry. Drinking water can also help the body pores open, and the role of sports let sweat out thoroughly; but after exercise should not be immediately wash cold water bath or is facing the air conditioning blowing straight.


2. At their feet with hot water. At night to use 40 degrees Celsius hot water to soak the foot, so that not only can promote blood bag factory circulation, but also effectively alleviate physical fatigue.

Aug 10th

Some points of attention to health running

By dreamway01

Running is our largest contact with the movement, but most people for the understanding of this movement is not very deep, so in order to exercise the effect can be better, in the process of running need to pay attention to what?

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Running when the breath is deep and long, the general use of the nose suction mouth, the more serious physical decline is to use the mouth suction nozzle.


Swing arm

Swing arm is in the process of running, to maintain the balance and coordination of the body, so that the body more natural swing, more in line with the rhythm of human movement. When the arm is placed, as long as remember not to leak the hand, after the elbow, the natural pace and swing.



Running is to keep upright helps to improve the body's respiratory and circulatory system and establish a normal mind state. Because of you in the running process, human in the continuous energy consumption, prone to fatigue, then if you can use your will straighten your spine, then you have to improve hunched position is in fact very simple.


Heart rate

Jogging as a regimen of aerobic exercise, it should be distinguished from the fast running. Generally speaking, the most suitable physical exercise frequency is: heart rate rhythm (220- age) * 60%. When you run, you can measure the following.


Landing buffer

If you have seen the others running process, perhaps you will find that, almost a lot of people running when the soles of the feet will fall on the ground, and fall to the ground when the sound greatly, so the correct running action should heel first landing, and then the whole foot fall. This is for bag factory protecting ankle, knee, prevent the occurrence of periostitis.

Aug 8th

How to recharge after the summer sports?

By dreamway01

Summer is the best time to lose weight, because the weather is hot, the body's metabolism will become faster, fat burning will accelerate, so the summer is the best time to lose weight. After the summer sports body will be a lot of sweat, so the body will be in a dry state, how to add water right after exercise?

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The correct understanding of the summer sports, is not the more the more good to lose weight. Motion will accelerate the body's metabolism, the body will be increased, the body in order to regulate body temperature will by secretion of sweat to maintain normal body temperature, sweat can help the body good cooling. But a lot of sweat also took away a lot of water in the body, so the body needs to timely replenishment. Summer Games to weigh will light a lot. This is not because of a large number of sweat after exercise consumption of fat is because the excretion of sweat much away a lot of water body, weight also decreased rapidly. Because of individual physical differences, so can not be from the number of sweat to determine how much weight loss.


Summer sports should not be too much sweating. Summer because of rising temperatures, cooling the body requires perspiration to maintain a normal body temperature, itself is likely to be in a dry state, if to excessive sweating can appear the symptom of injury of body fluid, may also appear the phenomenon of dehydration and shock, dehydration serious may also caused by the phenomenon of heat stroke.


After the summer, the correct water supply. First of all to know why exercise the body of water, first because the sweat away a lot of water, the second because the water in the form of water vapor is the skin surface evaporation. In addition to bag manufacturer the shortness of breath will take away the body of water, so the movement after the essential replenishment. But it is important to how to correct the replenishment is also very important to pay attention to skills.


1.Movement before and after water. A lot of people think that after the exercise need to give the body, in fact, before and after the exercise need to recharge. 400-500 ml of water before exercise, to add enough water, this can improve the body's ability to mediate temperature, but also can reduce the heart rate, can effectively avoid dehydration. In the course of the movement, the need to add a water every 20 minutes, but once do not drink too much, 200 ml enough. After the rest of the exercise 15-20 minutes to recharge the best.


2.Don't drink booze. After exercise, easy to dry mouth feeling, then there will be a feeling of extreme lack of water in the body, a lot of people will choose breath drinking a bottle of water. One-time a large number of drinking water, the salt dilution in the body, then the body will discharge more sweat body balance of salt concentration, so that the body will take away a lot of salt, but also allows you to feel more and more thirsty.


3.Don't wait for thirst to drink. When you feel thirsty, the body is extremely short of water, which is the body's distress signal. Drink water not always wait bag factory until thirsty, or timing to the body to add water, to ensure that the body is not dry state.


Aug 7th

Four mistakes in the daily hair care

By dreamway01

Bad habits will allow you to do all the homework is greatly reduced, so the skin care is also the same, you may not cause the attention of small habits is the cause of your hair dry and fragile, want hair shiny gorgeous, details can not be ignored.

 bag factory

At the same time using more than two kinds of modeling tools

Many women have such modeling habit, after using the hair dryer hair dryer immediately with straight hair plate or electric volume stick to hair styling, not knowing that this will damage to hair styling double, want with a curling iron camp create natural volume of girls, can be in wet hair, wet hair braiding braided hair and then blow dry hair dryer, it loose braid will get a head fluffy naturally wavy hair, fashion and not to hurt the hair. Or in the water before going to bed wet hair, then Shanghai woolly hair stick, the second day morning release, the hair will appear natural volume degrees, and in the morning without flowers too much time to take care of.


When the hair wet hair

If the comb immediately after washing my hair, make the hair becomes more fragile, bifurcation and edgy problem is more likely to find a home, wash the hair, usually after should first apply disposable hair, then comb gently comb hair, both to be knotted hair comb smooth and will not damage the hair.


Neglect scalp care

Some people in the selection of hair care products only hair need, in fact, on the market a lot of aroma assail the nostrils of shampoo are because of bag manufacturer containing silicon, such as chemical composition, can let wash hair smooth, seemingly nourishing, in fact, will plug the pores of the scalp, very easy to cause the skin sensitive to the phenomenon of, it is the scalp is not suitable for sensitive people in the selection of Xihu products should try to choose a bare Escentuals, simple and natural ingredients, reduced to allergens.


Fast dry hair is hair loss

In order to quickly dry the hair, some people will wash the head directly with a hair dryer, so that the hair is wound. Experts believe that let the hair dry naturally more healthy.


If the hair is contained in the water down to below 10%, hair will become rough, bifurcation, and often use the hair dryer hair dryer consequences would be the case. If you have to use a hair dryer, should pay attention to three points: time, distance and temperature.


In time, after the wash is not immediately blow, and do not blow too long. Wash your hair, first with a towel, but don't rub, that will make the hair dry fork. Should use a dry towel to wrap, gently press the hair, the hair dry. When not dripping, quickly with a hair dryer, the hair to the semi dry, the remaining can be naturally dry.


Distance should be as far as possible, do not stick to the scalp, because the hair dryer is a high radiation electrical appliances, especially in the opening and closing of the radiation is the largest, so when the switch should be far away from the head. If you are afraid of blowing hair, you can use part of fingers through the hair, from inside to outside blow.


Temperature, pay attention not too high. Constant temperature air blower to maintain a certain temperature, if the temperature is too hot, but also on the bag factory red light. Ordinary hair dryer can be moved to control the temperature.

Aug 6th

Diet method to help prevent cardiovascular disease

By dreamway01

Nowadays, all kinds of cardiovascular diseases are harmful to people's health, and the main reasons of these diseases are vascular aging and hardening. In addition to the need for long-term medical treatment, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should also pay attention to improve the living habits and diet, and eliminate the bad habits of life, in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. So, how to keep the blood vessels through the diet?

 bag factory

1.Eat green vegetables and fresh fruit. Eat green vegetables, fruits are conducive to myocardial metabolism, improve cardiac function and blood circulation, to promote the excretion of cholesterol, to prevent the development of hypertension.


2.Eat fish. Fish rich in methionine, lysine arginine, proline and Niuhuang ammonia acid, improve blood vessel elasticity and compliance and promote sodium excretion. At the same time, the fish oil rich in -3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have the function of protecting vascular endothelial cells, reducing lipid deposition and improving fibrinolytic function.


3.Eat foods rich in folic acid. The lack of dietary folate and vitamin B6, B12, will make the blood levels of homocysteine increased, easy damage to vascular endothelial cells, promote the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. Folic acid supplementation has an important role in reducing the incidence of coronary heart disease and stroke. Experts suggest that the elderly, especially in patients with cardiovascular disease should be food intake of folate rich foods, such as amaranth, spinach, asparagus, apples, oranges and other.


4.Eat foods rich in arginine. The food rich in arginine can help regulate blood vessel tension, inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce blood bag manufacturer vessel damage. These foods are sea cucumber, loach, eel, sesame, yam, ginkgo, tofu skin.


5.Eat foods containing potassium, calcium and magnesium. Such as potatoes, taro, eggplant, lettuce, melon and other, due to potassium can promote cholesterol excretion and increase elasticity of blood vessels, is conducive to the improvement of cardiac contractility. Calcium rich foods such as milk, sesame, shrimp, have protective effects on cardiovascular. The use of magnesium rich foods, such as green leafy vegetables, millet, buckwheat noodles, beans and soy products, magnesium salt through the diastolic blood vessels to reach the antihypertensive effect.


6.Intake of natural anticoagulant and lipid lowering food. Feeding these foods can reduce myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke. Inhibition of platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis of Auricularia auricula and containing pyrazine class substances, such as garlic, onion, chrysanthemum, mushrooms, asparagus and strawberry, pineapple also has anticoagulant effect. Tomato, grape, orange contain a small amount of aspirin like salicylic acid in the anti coagulation. Foods are carrots, parsley, lipid-lowering, seaweed, kelp, hawthorn walnut, sesame oil and olive oil.


7.To promote the eating of complex carbohydrates. Such as starch, flour, corn, millet, oats and other plant fiber more food, can promote intestinal peristalsis, is conducive to the excretion of cholesterol; less eating glucose, fructose and sucrose, which belongs to bag factory the simple sugars, easily lead to elevated blood lipids.

Aug 5th

How can parents help children relieve stress?

By dreamway01

Parents do not forget, the child is also a person, he also has the adult's pain and distress, sometimes, the pressure of the child is even more than adults. For example, the child's performance is not good, the school and parents will blame the child, the child's pressure will increase. Why now the child has so many suicide rates, on the one hand is the child's psychological ability to bear, on the one hand, the child's pressure is too big.

 bag factory

So parents must be in peacetime life, do a good job in the release of the pressure, can help the child to come out in time to get out of the pressure.


Maintain frequent exchanges with children

Experts pointed out that the frequent exchanges between parents and children is the most can let the child's psychological words speak out a channel. If you and your child just in need of a few words, usually do not talk, then, the child in the heart to think, you do not know, will let the child have the pressure will not tell you. Learn to listen to the parents, is to let the children to release the pressure of the biggest key.


Learn to understand what a child feels.

Why parents didn't understand their difficulties, is to themselves as adults experience, think this child or is so, have to listen to their parents. In fact, the child will have their own ideas and choices. In the view of some problems, parents may wish to take a look at the child's point of view, to experience what the child's feeling. Only to bag manufacturer place oneself in others'position stand on a child's perspective, you can understand the child's pressure.


Don't give too much of a child's demands.

Parents of children is a requirement, after all, children in the talent, is the need for parents to give plastic. But parents should remember that the child is still small, the process they bear, certainly not as adults. So you may wish to take your children's requirements or some of the requirements of some of the requirements to lower, so that children learn to enjoy the whole process, is the key. Only when the child is really aware of these things is good for him, he will consciously try or to pursue.


Teach children to form meditation

Parents must teach children meditation, or meditation, only through the two way will let the child's psychological convalesce, or can be the mess of things in the mind to set aside, so as to give the child a clean world. Children's world, really need to be pure, do not need to be doped so many accidents.


Above is a process that parents should do to help their children to release pressure. In fact, parents should observe their children, when the child is found to have emotional or bag factory depressed, you need to release the pressure in a timely manner.

Aug 5th

POH and vampire plus Prifddinas all improvement this month

By demonlee

Welcome afresh to rsgoldaz, this month's advance updates, already afresh abounding with your suggestion, we calm from RS gold BBS.

The amateur endemic house, the affair of the RS has added added flexibility, let you abash the ground, the blazon of houses and dungeons. We accept added some new arena texture, too.

You can aswell about-face amid day and night mode, you will acquisition that the RS has fabricated some changes in the game, it is added acceptable to accomplish the architecture of training skills.

Prifddinas inside, RS already by abacus advantageous things, such as wine, allure t add new functionality and new aperture position better guild. The abiding aphotic clear - not atomic in addition, the RS aswell abutting the abounding new things to advance Movran challenges.

There are abounding added baby improvements too abundant like the clear drops of weapons for the edimmu, and new Buy RuneScape gold the bore aperture of the rock, so accomplish abiding you accept a adenoids around. The elves adulation company!

We aswell graphically bigger Morytania accumulation Myreque, in alertness for next month's task. Flap over east if you can't delay to see them. If you are not ready, this is an ideal time through Myreque assignment Darkmeyer annex - accessible to play -!