Jul 21st

How to hem a long floor length short lace wedding dress

By weddingdress

The short lace wedding dress to the ground are those that are so long that touch or almost touch the ground. In some length reaches over ground. The appearance of this dress is ultra feminine, romantic and very flattering. They cover the problem areas and lengthen the entire body. However, this type of clothing is not always practical. A long skirt can drag on the ground and getting dirty; you can easily trip over it, and if wearing heels, they may trample the fabric on the floor, sticking it. These are the reasons that support a suitable sheath.


1.Place long tropical wedding dresses on a mannequin sewing. Fold sheath 2.5 cm or more from the inside. Pin it in place. Pin all around the hem so it stays at the new length. Prove the dress to make sure the length is perfect.

2.Vire the dress inside out and cut off the excess fabric. This step is only required if the new sheath dress is shorten significantly.

3.Place the dress on the mannequin again and check all the pins. Ensure that all of them are in place and that the hem is straight.

4.Place the dressy maternity dresses inside out, on the sewing machine with the inside facing you and sew the hem using a basic point. Pull it away while sewing, bringing seamless sheath against needle movement. Remove the pins as you sew.

Jul 21st

Health effects of diet rhythm

By dreamway01

Modern people are busy with work, eat a meal is not uncommon, however, less a meal is often easy to feel the brain energy deficiency; if voracious, eat, and tend to consume too much energy, induced obesity. Want to maintain health, essential for three meals a day, but why should eat three meals a day? Its scientific truth in where?

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Modern people because of lifestyle diversity, there are a lot of people because of heavy or trouble reason often eat two meals, extreme even one day only eat a meal. Stick to three meals a day every day a good habit can guarantee the nutritional balance, maintaining a healthy body. For example, if a person don't eat breakfast, then the body in order to obtain enough energy, will be more high calorie food demand, appetite also increased to a certain extent, if such a model has become the norm, are likely to be the origin of obesity and lifestyle diseases.


Each person's body has a biological clock, at any time to regulate body temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose value, regular three meals a day for the maintenance of biological clock plays an important role in regulating. Diet is also a prominent contribution for the human body to maintain hormone balance, recent studies have pointed out, hormone secretion in different time and different, and that the activities of these bag manufacturer enzymes function, is the law of three meals a day.


Energy switch opening day breakfast, lunch supplement consumption in energy, dinner is regulating the body nutrition balance -- each meal has its important function and meaning. Especially breakfast, if you do not eat breakfast, very easy because the blood glucose lowering effects of insulin is difficult, is not conducive to human health. Shirasawa points out, the real three meals a day and not just eat their fill belly, if every day drinking and eating high calorie foods will only harm health, eating quality is very important


Really want to eat the quality, need to spend a lot of thought and effort. In addition to match each meal nutrition balance according to dietary pagoda China Nutrition Society issued outside, a meal to eat eight full, don't eat too late, good habits is very important. Even if it can not be absolutely perfect reference rule of scientific diet, but as far as possible in accordance with the correct dietary requirement to bag factory do beneficial is harmless to the.

Jul 17th

The simplest way to do a make-up and matching pretty graduation dresses

By weddingdress

To give magic to pretty graduation dresses, prom or a bridesmaid dress honor, play with colors by applying shades of bronze and gold in the eye area to create a smoky eye for the evening.


1.Aplique the foundation and powder as usual.

2.Delineie the waterline and the upper close to the eyelashes with eyeliner to make the eyes smoky eye. A liquid eyeliner is longer and gives a more elegant look.

3.Aplique one bronze shadow on the eyelid. Esfume it out a little so that it is on the outer eyelid in order to make the most dramatic eye. You can also use it a bit close to the lower lashes.

4.Use a lighter tone, like gold or light , on the corner of the brow. Mix some two tones together with the fingertip. To have more shine, brush a little loose on the eyes glow.

5.Aplique several coats of black mascara to a visual night. If you make the eyelashes longer, you can wrap them with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

6.Set a blush peach color on the cheeks. As the eyes and the second marriage wedding dress are the focus, do not overdo the blush.

7.Coloque nude lipstick. A lipstick with a pink hue will complement the dress and will not get much attention from the rest of maquiagem.Para give magic to an evening dress, prom dress or a maid of honor maroon, play with colors by applying bronze and gold tones in the eye area to create a smoky eye for the evening. Rich tones, with a clear lip color, look and give focus to complement the color of the dress for first communion. Create a simple makeup look that will enhance the dress, not to take his focus.

Create a simple makeup look that will enhance the dress, not to take his focus. Rich tones, with a clear lip color, look and give focus to complement the color of the reception dresses.

Jul 17th

Fruit help you summer sun

By dreamway01

Summer arrived, the fear of tanning friends started from head to foot the armed. In fact, in addition to sunshade, sunglasses, sunscreen, "Sun weapon", eat more natural food also has a sunscreen effect, such as the following four kinds of fruit.



The tomato is the best sunscreen of food, rich in antioxidants "lycopene", its antioxidant capacity is 3.2 times the beta carotene, 100 times the vitamin E, can effectively protect the DNA cells against free radical damage, promote the growth and regeneration of the cells, the maintenance of skin health. Research at the University of Manchester and the University of Newcastle found, adhere to eat cooked tomatoes, can make human body skin sunscreen ability 33%.



Apple peel contains rich "apple polyphenol". Which contains catechins, anthocyanins and other active substances, is a powerful antioxidant, harm to the generation of reactive oxygen species against UV irradiation. In addition, to prevent the formation of bag manufacturer melanin, the skin whitening also have certain effect.



Watermelon contains citrulline, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, malic acid, phosphoric acid and other physiological activities with the skin of amino acid, can improve skin nutrition, promote metabolism, so as to effectively prevent the skin after sun black. Summer eating watermelon, with Watermelon Juice face or watermelon skin cut thin face 15 minutes, can nourish the skin.



Strawberry is a berry, rich in polyphenols to promote the formation of melanin tyrosinase inhibitory effect, it can prevent bag factory skin darkening, to a certain extent.

Jul 16th

The parents how to comprehend the child?

By dreamway01

The child's heart should be respected, is to allow parents to protect. If a qualified parents, will know how to enter the child's heart. Those dead parents, it does not know what is the child.


An understanding of children's parents, they must know how to give the child adequate understanding. You know, the world of children is our adult unable to grasp. So, if you have children have strange behavior or phenomenon, if not let other people hurt, this may be, is the children's development ability, curious ability to do strange, therefore, at this time, and give you advice, is to understand the children, to understand the attitude to face their own children, make some reaction to make it better, it can also stimulate your child a better imagination at the same time, can also improve their mental development. Of course, if the child is wrong or hurt others, you need to understand, given the correct guidance or guide.


Especially the change child manifested psychological, parents should do understand preparation. If you use the adult criteria to judge the words, will make children more uncomfortable.


Parents should also have good sensitive feelings to their children. Here, if the parents is always stay in understanding the extent of words, but also children will not have what good performance. This time, might as well give children more active contact, is also the parents with more active way to touch the child's heart. So, this time, you need to develop your sensitive feelings. Here, the children will have a good solution. And you take the initiative to bag manufacturer contact the child's heart, also can let a child's heart warm, feel his strong love you give.


This is the key. You know, your love and your active passive love, children also have their own judgement, they are more like, nature is the expression of love you.


Love for her child is the child most grateful, but, if you love to the children is excessive, the excess, can let you love has become a burden. So, here, to remind her mother, you can love children, but not children, love too much, otherwise it will let the children go astray, you don't fully understand the child's heart.


The children are small, parents in the choice of their hopes for their children, nor too high. For example, you don't expect your child to a week to master a kind of instrument, such expectations, will only make you bag factory feel tired, you wouldn't be fair to understand children's heart.

Jul 15th

What would be more nutritious breakfast?

By dreamway01

A qualified nutrition breakfast, should comply with the "food" four elements (grain, energy, protein, fruit and vegetable essence, Soybean Milk or milk of water and calcium) requirements, pay attention to the "protein nutrition" food of appropriate collocation, such as eggs, beans or a small amount of meat, poultry or fish were reasonable collocation. At the same time, because the delicate food more in line with the morning the physiological state of the human body needs.


Therefore, the high quality protein for breakfast, adequate intake reached 21 grams of protein for breakfast, may consider from eggs, beans, nutrition and health food or rich in soy protein isolate were added in.


Breakfast provides the energy should be accounted for the total energy of the day 25%~30%. Adult breakfast food, cereal 100 grams, can choose Steamed buns, bean, cereal, bread, noodles, porridge; the amount of protein food such as meat, eggs, milk, soy products and so on; another 100 grams of vegetables and 100 grams of fruit. Different ages, energy and the amount of food the labor intensity of the individual needs of different, should be adjusted according to the specific situation.


Breakfast is the day not easily converted into fat in a meal, so must intake of staple food.

Breakfast by the supply of heat accounted for 30%, this basically is to bag manufacturer rely on food to supply. The lack of carbohydrate food, may cause malnutrition. To eat some starchy food, cereals and absorption can quickly break down into glucose, hypoglycemia corrected after sleep. But the cereal fast digestion, 2-3 hours after will have a sense of hunger, therefore, even a moderate amount taken into some protein and fat rich foods, such as egg, dried meat floss, bean products and other food.


Finally, the morning is best to eat fruit, because fruit as the source of vitamin A, C rich, and contain vitamin B group, fiber, and mineral, not only has the appetite stimulating effect, also can promote intestinal peristalsis and maintain body acid-base balance, eating the fruit can not only beauty, but also let us bag factory looking one's face glowing with health, beautiful and touching.

Jul 14th

Chest made plus size short wedding dress sewing skill

By weddingdress

Points seams are used in a bodice seams to fix bars and to add decoration, chosen for their properties stitching for a specific job. The type of technique points on the bodice of 8th grade graduation dresses depends on the type of dress, the dress cost and manufacturing. Seams can be created by hand, by machine or by a home-made industrial machinery, industrial machinery being more commonly used and cheaper to mass production in the fashion industry.  

Straight seam

The straight stitch is the easiest point to be created. Seams are still straight points alternating front and underside of the fabric. The straight stitch is the most common point on a home machine and binds tissues together. A straight stitch created by hand is a running stitch. In a bodice, a straight stitch is mainly used for home projects sewing pattern pieces together, but requires more finishing sewing the fabric matting. The fashion industry uses the straight stitch as safety edge or point on the neckline of a bodice.


An overlock stitch is the single most prevalent sewing in the fashion industry. A specific call overlock machine which uses four wires and a knife for cutting the first seam, then, creates a loop around the point where the seam stitching and a straight security 9.5 mm from the edge to maintain the sewing in place and create the simply wedding dresses overlock stitch. A homemade overlock overlock creates a point, but is not widely used in sewing. Overlock is used in both corsets, knitting and fabric for a cheaper price as the treatment of the seam.

Elastic Stitch

An elastic point is a point of homemade machines. Use it instead of an overlock stretch mesh for garments sewn at home. The elastic point will differ from machine to machine, sometimes looking like a straight stitch dense, other times like a overlock stitch embroidery. They include all points in the back, applied loosely, they will give up the seam is pulled. You'll find only the elastic points in corsets sewn at home.

Point zigzag

The zigzag is a point created to make a series of diagonal points, gathered in one spot, creating the zigzag effect. A zigzag of 3 steps is a point where each of the comings and goings of regular zigzags consists of three consecutive points. The zigzag steps 3 gives a maximum stretch. Home and industrial sewing machine do both, making it an ideal spot to necklines of dresses. One point zigzag stretch stitch is a widely used both at home and in sewing fashion for applying elastic to a bodice industry. An elastic in any width is sewn to the neckline of the plus size short wedding dress using a zigzag stitch or zigzag 3 steps, applied on top of the elastic or the elastic coating.


Jul 14th

Detrimental to the health of the morning the 4 bad habits

By dreamway01

1.On the bed reluctant

The love bed is a lot of people are some small problems, especially white-collar workers, usually busy with work, the morning get up in time is very difficult. Then the love bed is only a small living habits? Indeed, adequate sleep can relieve fatigue, restore energy. But some people mistakenly think, sleep is good for health, especially conducive to the growth and development of young people, so some people have a chance to stay not morning in bed, the sleep time significantly more than the need to. This is a bad habit, if things go on like this, can be harmful to your health.


2.Get up to urinate immediately after waking up

To wake up in the morning, after a night, the bladder is filled with urine, urgent urination, urine meaning is more urgent, more should be calm, do not immediately get up to urinate. But the body immediately pee behavior has what harm to human body? In fact, wake up immediately the bladder emptying urine, this time easily cause dizziness, and even the emergence of micturition syncope phenomenon.


3.Wake up immediately after strenuous exercise

Early in the morning exercise is good? Some people like the morning after the habit of appropriate physical exercise, so that no fault, but if not careful, the health benefits in fact little. If there is a morning exercise habits, must be in the morning after a rest, and then to run after the balance of yin and Yang qi. Otherwise prone to heart, cerebrovascular accident.


4.Avoid do not eat breakfast

According to nutrition experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The rest of the body after sleep, is fully prepared to greet the bag manufacturer day's work, study, then need to absorb rich nutrition, to cope with the consumption of all day.


Do not eat breakfast the harm to the brain: Although the brain tissue weight accounted for only one weight of 2 - 3%, but the blood flow to the brain is about 800 milliliters per minute, oxygen consumption is about 45 milliliters per minute, the amount of sugar is about 5 grams per hour. The young brain is in development period, the demand for blood, oxygen, glucose is higher than adult. Such as hypoglycemia, brain awareness activities will be obstacles, so long, is bound to affect the brain's weight and shape development.


Do not eat breakfast the harm to the digestive system: under normal circumstances, night after eating food from around six small stomach emptying into the intestine. Second if the day does not eat breakfast, a variety of stomach acid and digestive enzymes will be to "digest" gastric mucous layer. If things go on like this, the function will be normal cells to secrete mucus is destroyed, it is easy to cause gastric ulcer and twelve finger ulcers and other diseases of digestive system. Do not eat breakfast the harm to human body, it is a bad habit is bag factory extremely unfavorable to health, after all, "a day in the morning".

Jul 11th

Please don't give yourself buckle "depression" hat

By dreamway01

In psychological counseling, I often meet some visitors, opening is "I have depression", "I have an anxiety disorder", early to pat themselves on the mental illness of the label. But often they just have some psychological and behavioral symptoms, the situation is not that bad.

 bag factory

There are strict criteria for the diagnosis of mental illness, psychological doctor to judge. Pay attention to their mental state is good, but exaggerate problems will backfire. Once you give yourself a mental illness label, some people will appear pessimistic disappointment, withdrawal, otherwise everything in good order and well arranged life becomes chaotic. More serious is, some people may be "self realization" effect, that is what kind of person he is, as it did. For example, in the heart that you are depressed patients in daily life, will subconsciously in depression model to act.


Therefore, when aware of their mood and the behavior is abnormal, don't give yourself arbitrary deduction "hat", but to achieve the "two to two not".


Don't worry, don't blame yourself. Don't worry about people strange vision, fear of difficult to cure, worry about out of control emotions and behavior; don't make bag manufacturer assumptions that his character is not good or bad behavior caused, so that be contrite and reform oneself. Worry and trouble more than symptoms. Mental illness is like a cold have a fever, can not be avoided. As long as the positive control and treatment, most problems can be solved and improved.


To be optimistic, ask for help. Many people have psychological problems will overestimate seriousness, even in despair. But no matter how, to maintain an optimistic attitude is conducive to maximize the mobilization of their own potential, to cope with negative emotions. The improvement of symptoms in addition to it when the self adjustment, social support system is essential for good. When feel they need help, be bold to relatives and friends opening. Can also actively seeking psychological counseling bag factory and therapy, the early lifting of trouble.

Jul 10th

There are tips dyed satin burnt orange dress

By weddingdress

Tips & Warnings

If you want Satin paint has a label, cut a small piece of tissue (inside the dress, along the seam, which will not show up) and then test this piece (See Resources). To get satin burnt orange dress perfect acetate, use disperse dye. While it may use an all-purpose dye, such as Rit, on acetate, the results can not be expected. The dress can spot.


1.Descubra what type of fiber that her dress was made of satin. This information can be found looking at the product label, which is sewn on the back of any dress or somewhere along the side of the dress. The satin can be made with polyester satin, silk, acetate satin or nylon. Sometimes satin dresses are made with two types of fibers. If this is the case, use the method of the predominant fiber.

2.Ferva a gown of satin, made ​​with polyester satin or acetate with disperse dyes for at least 30 minutes (dispersed dye is a special dye that works on synthetic fibers.'s Available online in selected companies. In the U.S., Aljo Manufacturing [www.aljodye.com] and Pro Chemical and dye [prochemicalanddye.com] are two companies selling disperse dyes. sometimes this dye is called "dye polyester.")

3.Use a reactive dye for fiber satin wedding dress simple of silk and satin rayon. The silk fiber is easier to test. Do it in the washing machine with warm water. Add the dye powder in water of automatic washing machine. Close the lid and let the dye dissolves. Add satin dress in the machine and close the lid again. Let stir for 10 minutes. Slowly add the dye fixative. Finally, restart your machine to the top of the longest wash cycle and forget to turn off the machine alone. Let the dress freshly dyed satin in the washing machine and fill with warm water and wash on a normal cycle as you normally would in the laundry room, but do not use any soap - choose the best.

4.Tinja dresses satin nylon using acid dyes. Dissolve the acid dye in a pot large enough to accommodate the satin dress. Add enough water to cover the dress. Heat the water to "boil" for 10 minutes. Add vinegar and simmer for another 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool before rinsing.

5.Pendure dress newly dyed satin and let it dry naturally.

Satin is difficult to dye fabric. Its shiny surface does not absorb dyes easily and can easily wash out in time. Furthermore, as satin can be done with a variety of fibers (polyester, silk or nylon), the dyeing method will be different for each casual wedding dresses. Some fibers are easier to dye than others. Polyester satin is harder.