Aug 18th

The simplest way stained petticoat short country wedding dresses

By weddingdress

With a little time and energy, you can create a look that fits your personality and does not cost very expensive. If you are seeking a way to add a little color to your beach wedding dresses without having to sacrifice the white, try dyeing the thick tissue known as petticoat, which is under the dress. Use a color that matches your wedding or choose a completely different.


1.Turn your washing machine adjusting to the longer cycle with the hottest water possible.

2.Open your machine to pause the cycle. Wear the rubber gloves and place the petticoat, inside out, inside the washer so that it is completely wet. Put it aside and spread the fabric enough. Keep an open mind to not continue the cycle machine.

3.Misture dye according to package instructions in a glass container. Use gloves to prevent their hands are stained. Pour the mixture of colorant in the open machine.

4.Insert petticoat on the plus size red wedding dresses machine. Let the cycle to continue for 30 minutes.

5.Check petticoat every five minutes and unroll the fabric if necessary. If afterwards you want a darker color, repeat the cycle for another 30 minutes and check until you get the desired color. Complete the rinse cycle and then hang to dry petticoat.

6.Lave your washer letting it run the same cycle with nothing but soap powder and a cup of bleach inside.

Tips & Warnings

Use old clothes to avoid unwanted dye stains.Use rubber gloves because the short country wedding dresses dye is permanent and the water may be too hot. 

Aug 15th

How many unhealthy eating habits do you have?

By dreamway01

People are often ill understood to maintain good habits and how important good habits not only let us away from the disease, but also help maintain the exuberant energy and health.


1.Not thirsty without water. Water is not only the important substance to maintain life, or the body's detoxification tool. Domestic survey, seven of adults are found thirsty to drink water, but when you feel thirsty, the body has lost at least 1% of water. Drink water not to quench their thirst, but to let them take part in the metabolism. Water shortage for a long time will increase blood viscosity, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also a great damage of kidney. Also, more not timely replenishment of water desire will be lower, the body will become more and more "drought".

Therefore, no matter the thirst thirsty to fully pay, adults generally day to drink at least 1200 ml of water. After the early morning fasting drink a cup of warm water can dilute the blood; the meal and a half hours do not drink the water, otherwise it will dilute the saliva and gastric juice, affecting digestion; before going to bed can not drink too much water, because of frequent night will affect sleep.

2.Do not attach importance to the staple food. Once, rice, noodles, steamed bun is a staple food on the table repeatedly not away, life can be good, these foods are more and more distant from us, many people in order to lose weight even take fruit as staple food. The staple food to eat less, will increase bad cholesterol and the risk of heart disease is greater.

3.After dinner cigarette. Medical research shows that eating immediately after smoking is extremely detrimental to health. The harm of smoking after meals 10 times larger than usual. This is because people eat, the digestive system will work completely, the human gastrointestinal peristalsis is very frequent, accelerate blood circulation, systemic pores are open. When smoking, pulmonary and systemic absorption smoke strength to strengthen, smoke harmful substances will stimulate the respiratory and digestive tract. Therefore, public places and home to a total ban, addiction of smokers truthfully in the sad, also want to smoking time in half an hour after a meal.

4.No wine untasted. According to the World Health Organization statistics, there are 60 kinds of diseases are associated with wine drinking, disease morbidity and mortality caused by alcohol was higher than that of tobacco. The study found that long-term drinking, the body organs and suffer from liver, stomach, pancreas, brain, heart, skeletal, ears and eyes, spared, are subject to different degrees of damage. The most terrible thing is that excessive drinking can cause cancer.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of daily intake of bag manufacturer pure alcohol men should not exceed 20 grams, women should be less, "drinking alcohol concentration of 0.8 × ×" this formula can calculate alcohol intake. To avoid alcohol can not, it is best not to drink on an empty stomach, drink before you can eat some starchy and high protein food such as bread, etc..

5.Eat dinner. A busy day, modern people tend to treat you to dinner for dinner. Dinner eat too much, excess heat synthetic fat stored in the body, will make people fat, sometimes combined with drinking too much, it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis, people may shock during sleep. Moreover, bulging stomach will be caused by compression of the surrounding organs, so that the corresponding parts of the brain cell activity, sleep will induce various nightmare. In addition, the long dinner overeat, do not exercise direct rest and meal, may induce cancer, is an important cause of disease such as diabetes and hypertension.

Therefore, dinner to eat early; secondly, to reduce meat; thirdly, we should control food intake, dinner calories should not exceed the day intake of 30%; finally, half an hour after dinner walking xiaoshi.

6.Missed breakfast. A lot of people due to get up late, afraid of trouble, hurry, "sacrifice" breakfast. Insulin levels did not eat breakfast more susceptible to diabetes, over time. Long term do not eat breakfast, will even make cholesterol, susceptible to gallstones. Therefore, no matter how busy, breakfast can not be the province. Recommend that you eat breakfast at 7~8 a.m.. If you eat too early, would interfere with bag factory gastrointestinal rest. In addition, breakfast species should be few but good.

Aug 14th

Teach you the differences in the organization of the pink camo wedding dresses

By weddingdress

These fabrics are generally made ​​from expensive, high quality fibers, which include silk, satin, silk and linen. The fabric of the dress depends on the individual style of the costume, the time and degree of formality. The fabric of pink camo wedding dresses are luxurious and can be used in other formal or elegant occasions beyond the wedding, but, most often, these fabrics are used for bridal gowns, bridesmaids and also in certain accessories such as veils and gloves.


The origin of silk dates back to 2600 BC in China, and this luxurious fabric is made by silkworms silk producing filaments inside the cocoon. After being harvested, the cocoons are softened, so that the silk strands may be unwound. These silk fibers do not only silk but also beautiful fabrics like crepe georgette, voile and organza. This rich fabric is valued for its ability to draping, as well as its wonderfully smooth and light touch. He has a wide variety of colors and is transformed into silk dupioni, shantung and raw silk.


Flax is a natural fiber made ​​of, which is then spun cellulose fibers in the reed flax plant. Linen is lightweight and breathable, and is mainly used in summer attire and informal bridal cheap summer wedding dresses. It has a light appearance, is cool in the heat, and is more full-bodied, robust and have better drape than cotton. Because of its ability to absorb moisture easily, is easy to dye and wash, although its low elasticity makes it prone to wrinkles.


Satin is a fabric traditionally made ​​from silk, although there are cheaper versions, usually made of polyester and synthetic fibers. This smooth and shiny fabric is widely used in garments, linings, tapes, accessories, cushions alliances and finishes. He is known for his brilliance, but some types are made with satin matte finish. It is found in different colors and weights. Finishes include satin crepe satin and double face satin.


Income is a beautiful and decorative fabric, usually made ​​of cotton, linen, rayon or nylon. It is usually done on machines, although it originated from handmade lace, and their emergence dates back to centuries ago. Income tends to be transparent and is woven with a pattern in webs which adds a feminine touch to the outfit. It is most often used as trimming, as an overlay to a plain fabric or as trim sleeves and necklines. Due to its delicate fabric, lace is not durable and tear easily. The types of income include Chantilly, Alençon or Breton.


There is a kind of stiffer taffeta used to make cheap informal wedding dresses, ties and formal attire, and a lighter type, which is often used in linings. Taffeta is a cool fabric with matte finish. It is a smooth, soft fabric made ​​mostly of silk fibers, although it is also made ​​of polyester and other synthetic fibers, and usually more expensive than regular silk.

Aug 14th

Female best fruit weight loss

By dreamway01

The food is really more and more, we all turned to food products, food products end, as we all know, it is the increasing fat, how to lose those extra pounds, but can not give up food, today, let small make up me to recommend some fruits, help you success reducing weight.


The first fruits: blueberry. There are many women especially like to eat blueberries, it has the nutrition and taste very rich. For women, a beauty, anti-aging. We all know that women's youth just a few short years. A blueberry, we can delay aging. Two slimming. So, eat it, you can not only meet the Chihuo desire, and can achieve weight loss goals, is kill two birds with one stone.


Second: how to eat kiwi fruit. When it comes to how to eat kiwi, we also said before the magical effect of it, nutrient rich, let many people full of praise for its. In terms of weight loss, and its effect is very significant, low calorie, low fat, but also diuretic, expectorant, weight loss is the best choice for slimming food.


Third kinds of fruit: grapes. The grape is a favorite of many women's fruit. It is sweet and sour taste for many women. It is rich in nutrition, play a huge effect on human health. Modern office life, many women easy fatigue, but also not very good care of their. The grapes are among the most natural skin care products. It can enrich the bag manufacturer blood thirst, but also can lose fat. What is there against it?


Fourth: how to eat banana fruit. How to eat banana is especially suitable for pregnant women and children to eat, that it is rich in nutrition. And it is rich in folic acid helps to maternal and fetal health. But how to eat banana in addition to this effect, it can Runchang catharsis, the promotion of human stomach kneading, easy digestion and absorption of food. So, how to eat banana to eat one day, can replenish nutrition, and can achieve the effect of weight loss.


Fifth kinds of fruit: apple. Apple is the most common, but it is our favorite fruit. It tastes sweet and crisp, rich nutrition. Rich in vitamin let many people to stop them. The morning to eat an apple, its effect will be more obvious. It is the first choice in bag factory many women lose weight food. So, if you want to lose weight, eat more apples.

Aug 13th

The simplest way to select lingerie halter lime green wedding dresses

By weddingdress

In addition, the underwear will even change the way the dress fits in general. Unique front dresses require a special kind of underwear, although this style of dress itself provides some support thanks to the neck strap. Brides have a ton "to do" on your list, even arrange your own bridal outfit from the camo wedding dresses and shoes to accessories and underwear. Once the bride has chosen her wedding dress, she should choose undergarments before the first race. The last thing any bride wants is a beautiful dress that accidentally shows a bra strap or underwear brand.


1.Pergunte attendants to the store where you bought the dress on recommendations of underwear. Often, the store will have underwear specifically for their styles of dresses. However, some brides may find this a very expensive option.

2.Experimente different convertible bras. Most convertible bras have an option to turn into halter bras. However, different bra straps will fall differently and it is important to choose one that aligns perfectly with the line of the collar, and also one that does not move throughout the ceremony and reception.

3.Use one strapless bra if you have small breasts. Hiding the handles will not be a problem. Just be sure to try on the bra with the lime green wedding dresses, as the sides of the bra podme be too high for the dress.

4. Bring a friend along on the dress rehearsal. A second pair of eyes is always necessary when choosing a dress and underwear for the wedding day. Make sure that the person will give an honest opinion.

Tips & Warnings

Remember, it will be used throughout the wedding - tissue that causes itching or frame that sinks into the skin will become a big hassle with the passing hours. A good rule of thumb to follow in choosing underwear for the wedding is that the more structured the black and white wedding dresses for sale, more structured clothes have to be, and vice versa. Even though the appearance is very important for the bride on the wedding day, comfort should be a factor, too. Make sure that the bra, and support also is comfortable.

Aug 13th

Four misunderstandings may cause the loss of vegetable nutrition

By dreamway01

Vegetable intake is insufficient in the long term, easily lead to a lack of vitamins, minerals, cause nutritional imbalance, the body immune system. The body is easy to feel fatigue, colds, will lead to decreased attention. The lack of vegetables not only harm the health of adults, is the same for children. There are many children hate eating vegetables, parents often struggle to become a vegetable cooking range, to give children the nutrient supplement to. But if the vegetable cooking technique is not right, is likely to lead to vegetables and fruits in huge loss of nutrients, but not reach the objective! Small make up to introduce errors in the cooking of vegetables.


Error one: to make fruits and vegetables juice using a blender or food processor

Do not like to eat vegetables and fruit to fruit and vegetable juice children usually have no resistance, mothers often hope to juice the way the child nutrition. But if you use a food blender or processor will produce break, it is easy to cause the loss of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables. This is because in the process of fruits and vegetables is stirred broken, vitamin C a lot of contact with air and then oxidized, resulting in the loss of. So to do raw vegetable juice, it is best to use the juicer, reduce the possibility of oxidation.


Error two: the carrot and other vegetables play juice

General mixed vegetable juice will consider as much as possible to achieve mixed a variety of vegetables, a variety of nutrients intake, but if the carrots and other vegetables play juice words is not good. Carrots contain vitamin C oxidase, will other vegetables containing vitamin C destroyed, therefore, it should not assort or arrange in bag manufacturer pairs or groups of carrot juice.


Misunderstanding three: to cook soup poured

In general, vegetables cooked after the volume will be smaller, compared to raw food, people can eat more vegetables. But vitamin C heat resistance is poor, once the heating is very easy to loss. Therefore, the soup is best not discarded in the boiled vegetables, will contain vitamin C soup reasonable utilization or intake of vitamin C, can't loss.


Misunderstanding four: put the vegetables a long soak in cold water

General vegetables for salad, in order to keep refreshing flavor, then cut the food will be vegetable temporarily soak in cold water for a long time, but it will lead to the loss of nutrients, water soluble vitamins will slowly drain to the water bag factory immersion. Therefore, a long time will vegetables soaked in water is very wrong.

Aug 12th

The corset for your dress for wedding reception is no longer a worry

By weddingdress

Place a corset will help you to fit perfectly into your 8th grade graduation dresses and save your valuable money. Perhaps you have decided to use a dress her mother or buy a ready-made clothing, you think perfect for your wedding.  


1.Tire the zipper on the back of her dress with a tool to remove seams, but be careful not to damage the dress. Once the zipper is removed, cut the excess fabric zipper tape with scissors, leaving only enough to secure the bonds soon after.

2.Make thin straps. Cut a piece of fabric that is similar to the fabric of your dress (bridal satin, silk, duchess satin, etc), 2.5 cm wide and 30 cm long. Sew the ends vertically about 0.5 cm on edge. Trim the excess seam and turn inside out, using a fast turn. Now you have spaghetti straps.

3.Corte the handles at about 3cm in long segments to make ties.

4.Repeat steps 2 and 3, making sufficient to bond the entire length of the slot in the back of the ankle length mother of the bride dresses. Remember to make an equal number of ties on both sides of the opening.

5.Trace ties in a corset done on the role to shape and sew the ties. Embossed paper in the middle sew the ties one at a time in a straight line, making the handles in the middle segments one at a time in a straight line, and also causing the segments intersect with each other. Cut the handles sewn away from the embossed paper.

6. Take the pins. Do the same on the other side of the slit, focusing on whether there is the same number of loops on the other side and are at the same point with others. Coloque the pin in the loops on the underside of the opening of the a line mother of the bride dresses, from top to bottom. Sew near the edge of the fabric, leaving small openings bonds that are sufficient to ribbons and strings then pass easily.

The dress for wedding reception fits well on most, but the corset would not close around the back. Create your own corset will be a good and inexpensive solution. The corset helps various body types as well as to be in a wedding dress.


Aug 12th

Before going to bed can't do

By dreamway01

1.Avoid to eat before going to bed: sleep, body part activities slowed down the pace to enter a resting state. If you eat before going to sleep, stomach also busy, so increase their burden, other parts of the body can not get good rest, not only affects sleep, it is harmful to health.


2.Avoid to speak before: for talking too much excitement, active thinking, which make it difficult to sleep.


3.Avoid excessive use of the brain: the evening before going to bed with work and learning habits, to put things done more nerve racking, bedtime is easier to do things, make the brain to relax, so it is easy to fall asleep. Otherwise, the brain in the excited state, even as he lay in bed to sleep, a long time, but also easy to insomnia.


4.Avoid bedtime emotions: emotions are easy to cause central nervous excitement or disturbance, make it difficult to sleep, even cause insomnia. Therefore, before going to bed to avoid great wrath or melancholy, so that a smooth mood.


5.Avoid bedtime drink tea, coffee, tea, coffee is a stimulating drink, can make the person excited spirit contains caffeine and other substances, bedtime drink easily lead to difficulty falling asleep.


6.Avoid fall into sleep: the old man is afraid of the cold, so some old people like to fall into sleep. In this way, because of the large amount of exhaled bag manufacturer carbon dioxide inhalation himself, and lack of necessary oxygen supplement, extremely detrimental to the body.


7.Avoid fell and sleep: sleep posture, sideways to the right clothes for the best, so that the whole body bone and muscle are in a relaxed state, easy to fall asleep, but also easy to eliminate fatigue. Supine make the whole body bone, muscle is in nervous condition, is not conducive to the elimination of fatigue, but also easily lead to produce nightmare due to hand on the chest, affecting the quality of sleep.


8.Sleep, avoid eye to light: when people fall asleep, eyes were closed, but still feel the light. Facing the light sleep, easy to make people uneasy, difficulty bag factory sleeping, and even fall asleep easily broken.

Aug 11th

The simplest way to prove the short beach wedding dresses as photographed

By weddingdress

There is a way, however, that a family member or close friend as you may be able to ease the burden of it - offering to become the photographer of his departure for buying wedding dress. Choosing the perfect short beach wedding dresses can be an overwhelming experience for any bride, and what should be a wonderful day can turn into a nightmare.


1.Check if the camera you intend to use will produce high quality photographs. Bring extra batteries - more than you think you'll need. Meet the bride, as expected, and do not be late! She's already stressed enough, even without worrying about your photographer proof dress.

2.Tire photos of each dress that the bride experience already in his body. Do not skimp on the amount of pictures taken. Maintain a calm and patient attitude will help the bride to feel comfortable in putting it to work during the process of selecting its most important dress.

3.Fotografe the dresses selected for front, back, side - with and without zoom. Be sure to pay attention to details and photograph in order to help the bride remember the pros and cons of each dress.

4.Tire additional photos of each bridal dresses with sleeves list, after the bride get them, capturing additional details, such as pearls, lace, etc. Record the relevant information for each dress: brand, size, price, and the store address.

5.Baixe the photos of the dresses on a CD or any other portable memory device that you can give to the bride, along with explanatory notes. Offer to review photos with the bride if she needs help to decipher your notes or remember which is which.

Tips & Warnings

Some bridal shops have explicit rules detailing that no photographs should be taken at the store. If this is the case, follow the rules and simply enter the relevant details that the bride will want to remember every girls first communion dresses. Use a digital camera for this type of project is probably essential, given the number of photos that should be removed and the speed at which you must deliver the photos to the bride. Have high resolution images that the bride can see close up, it can help in the decision making process. Not invade the privacy of the bride. This can be a stressful experience in general. Let her try on the dress alone (unless she asks for his help), then leave it out of the dressing room to photograph her.

Aug 11th

Aerobic exercise caution and specification

By dreamway01

Aerobic exercise has been deeply loved by all, but this campaign and other campaign has its own considerations and specification, detailed notes of what?


1.Sports preheating before each time the movement, need a warm-up process preparation activities, mobile joint ligament, stretch limbs, waist and back muscles. Then starting from the low intensity exercise, exercise state gradually into the appropriate intensity. The warm-up, generally refers to the use of low intensity aerobic exercise to keep his body gradually entering blissful circumstances, the temperature gradually increased, heart rate, breathing uniform faster. Blood circulation is more rapid, so that oxygen and nutrients will be transported to the heart and muscles, ready for your motion, a warm-up activities to reach the purpose of an important symbol of the body is slightly start sweating. The warm-up time 5 ~ 10 minutes.

There are a lot of people in order to save time, do not warm up will directly enter the high intensity aerobic training, if so, the cardiovascular system and the lungs also did not enter the state, the temperature is relatively low, muscle flexibility is not good, it is easy to cause injury.

2.Close to but not exceeding the "target rate" in general, numerical 170 age target heart rate. If you are 60 years old, the target rate is 17060=110 (Ci /fen). When you are exercising, can count pulse, heart rate control in 110 times / min, the exercise intensity is appropriate, of course, this is a healthy sport, the infirm not listed here. If the movement of the heart rate is only 70 to 80 beats per minute, is far from the target heart rate difference, it has not reached the standard of aerobic exercise.

3.Self feeling is an important index to control the amount of exercise and intensity, including mild shortness of breath, feeling a little heart, body heat, pale reddish, rivulets of sweat the small, which shows that moderate exercise; if obviously flustered, shortness of breath, chest fever, dizziness, sweating, terribly fatigued, indicated that exercise overload. If you exercise remained in the "keep a straight face the heart does not jump" degree, heart rate from the "target rate" is too far, then you exercise not possible to enhance physical fitness and endurance, also need to add some weight.

4.After the onset of symptoms after the movement of discomfort, the exercise is to measure whether the appropriate scale. Most people in the exercise, can the bag manufacturer whole body discomfort, fatigue, muscle soreness and feeling, after the break will soon disappear, this is a normal phenomenon. If the symptoms, feel terribly fatigued, muscle pain, and one or two days can disappear, this shows that intermediate metabolites in cells and blood circulation in the accumulation of too much. This is the consequence of anaerobic exercise, you next campaign may be necessary to reduce.

5.Relax and have a role in the warm-up, movement, accelerate blood circulation, blood volume also increased, especially of the limbs part. If you stop immediately, the blood will accumulate in the lower limbs and heart caused excess burden. Will seriously affect the blood supply to the brain, and even the emergence of vertigo and dizziness. So the sports aim is achieved. There should be 5 ~ 10 minutes of relaxation, is also gradually reduce bag factory exercise intensity, slowly return to the quiet state.