Jul 22nd

What is the cause of obesity in the summer

By dreamway01

Heat makes people consume more calories, so the summer is the ideal season for weight loss. But a lot of people in the summer Tanliang, like stay in the air-conditioned room, a long time the body's metabolism slows, very easily lead to obesity. The summer to lose weight, but also to find the cause of fat to lose weight naturally.

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Summer easily lead to obesity.

1.Air conditioning: regulation of heat mechanism is blocked

For a long time in the environment at about 20 degrees Celsius, the body's metabolism will slow down, the energy consumption decreased, to a certain extent, it will be possible to gain weight. Indoor air conditioning temperature is best set at 27 C, as close as possible to the outdoor temperature, increase the body tissue consumption of fat activity. Blow air conditioning for a period of time, be sure to go to room temperature for a moment, help the body metabolism, maintain the body.


2.Hormones: control hunger

Scientists have also found that leptin, also known as anti obesity factor, is a major factor in reducing hunger, which controls our bag manufacturer food preferences. The lack of leptin people like all the food, and eat a lot, so finally become a super fat.


3.A cold: the virus can increase the fat

Researchers have found that a virus that causes a cold and a sore throat can cause obesity. In the experiment, a special kind of adenovirus in chick and mouse infected than other not infected with the virus in chick and mouse, weight increased more rapidly, even in they don't eat much. The researchers found that the virus could increase the fat cells in the body.


4.The key is: fat diet

Diet is still an important factor affecting weight. Most people are fat, because they take more calories than the body needs. To lose 2 pounds a week (about 0.91 kilograms), you need to eat less than 500 calories a day, or more than 500 calories. This goal can be achieved by eating less, more exercise, or better.


5.Lack of sleep: the most likely to obesity

People in less than 4 hours every day to sleep, than normal sleepers of obese people the possibility to increase 73%. More and more evidence shows, "sleep and food intake in all nerve fibers for regulation". Previous studies have indicated that sleep deprivation has a relationship with the body's anti obesity factor, and the bag factory level of sleep deprivation is higher in the human body.

Jul 20th

Seven rigid targets of human health

By dreamway01

Once the body is unwell, a lot of people on the suspect is not a serious illness, in fact, your body may be more healthy than you think. Fawkes news network reported that if the body has the following 7 performance, it is running well.

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1.Relatively clear, plenty of urine. If a few times a day, and urine is light yellow, not muddy, color or yellow, the body's moisture, and kidney health. If the urine is completely colorless, it may mean that the water is too much, or the body loss of salt and electrolyte. In addition to the color changes of urine, but also pay attention to the smell, taste or smell, so attention should be paid to the red color.


2.Regular defecation. If fecal without blood, not too loose and not too hard, and defecation time regular, waste from the body quickly and effectively eliminated from the body, that there is enough fiber in your diet and digestive system in good condition.


3.Body weight in normal range. And remain generally stable, one of the hallmarks of health is also, if the weight of the sudden appearance of volatility, or intake soaring or plummeting when should attract attention.


4.Wound healing fast. Small wounds such as cuts, abrasions or burns, if can heal quickly, then congratulations, your blood is in a state of health. If the bag manufacturer skin is gently inexplicable bruises, should timely seek medical advice.


5.Healthy hair and nails. Skin systems (including hair and nails) are often the first to suggest that you are lack of vitamin, lack of vitamins are usually expressed as nails fragile, easy deformation, a large number of hair loss, etc.. Healthy individuals are usually pink, and hard round. And the skin to have the flexibility, with the hand press, can quickly return to normal.


6.Women have a regular period, the amount of male ejaculation up to 1. Time arrival of the menstrual period is the most important indicator of the health of the female reproductive system. Healthy middle-aged men ejaculate volume 2 - 5 ml, less than 2 ml may be a sign of spermacrasia; semen of men's health should is white or gray sticky. Seminal fluid or too thin, should go to the hospital in time to check.


7.Good sleep. Occasional lack of sleep or insomnia is normal, as long as you sleep in general, there are rules and there is no night sweats or Duoci get up in the night to urinate in the toilet, then it basically in line with requirements of a good bag factory night's sleep the, if you wake up and feel the spirit of good, is good for health signal.

Jul 17th

What does the skin dull?

By dreamway01

The most healthy skin should be glossy, thin, red, and full of elasticity, but because of our daily life habits or unscientific way of care, so that the skin becomes dull, rough. The blood circulation of the face becomes slow, and the stratum corneum of the skin becomes thick, and the skin loses its luster.

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What is the skin's dull and heavy?

1.Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can cause the body to speed up the aging, lack of sleep, the body's metabolism will slow, the skin aging, skin thickness, facial skin is not uniform. Women want the skin shiny, delicate, early is the best way to skin. Adhere to the scientific and reasonable work and rest, the skin problem solving will be more effective, sleep at eleven PM is the best.


Fast paced life, intense competition in the work, will bring tremendous pressure of life, life pressure a big, physical and mental will be in a state of tension. I feel anxious, vasoconstriction, face will naturally become dumb. Especially when the body fatigue, the skin will become dull, lose luster.

3.Cleaning is not complete

Clean skin is also an important part of the skin care, clean skin is not complete, it will make the skin more and more bad. After the dust, dust in the day, the face will absorb a lot of garbage, if not thoroughly cleaned, the dirt will invade bag manufacturer the pores. The long-term cleaning is not thorough, the skin will be dull dull.

4.Ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet radiation on the skin is hurt greatly, UV can damage the dermis, the skin will lose elasticity fiber, make the skin lose clear sense.


How to make the skin shiny?

1.To ensure that sleep time

Every day to ensure that at least seven hours of sleep, night after eleven o'clock to enter the sleep state, because at 11 o'clock in the evening after the body began to enter the resting state, this time the skin also began to self repair. Rest 20 minutes a day at noon is also very good for the health, a nap not only helps the body healthy but also can make the afternoon work better.

2.Adhere to regular Scrub

The skin is too thick can cause skin dull, exfoliating is a good way to make the skin smooth. Regular skin to the skin to keep the skin smooth, but not too high to the horny frequency, to the skin will cause frequent skin sensitivity, two times a week for good.

3.Regular massage

Massage can be very good to promote the blood circulation of the face, so that the skin to maintain the natural color. From inside to outside, from up to down gently massage, every 5 to 10 minutes is better. Massage three times a week, two times a week, and then use a moisturizing facial mask, moisturizing water and lotion bag factory for further skin nourishment.

Jul 16th

How to remove acne?

By dreamway01

In fact, chicken pox and India in red pox marks and black pox and India stage is relatively easy to get rid of, as long as you do a good job in daily care, to avoid development and expansion of the pox and India, black pox and India will soon away from you. Women also need to pay attention to is, be sure to do a good sunscreen, especially in the hot summer, after all, black pox and India is pigmentation consequences. Ultraviolet rays worsen acne, is not conducive to removal.

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1.Grasp the prime time acne India

In order to rescue the white skin, acne and acne must grasp the beginning of prime time 2 months. Acne will destroy the skin's skin structure, serious damage will also affect the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. This time the skin activation repair mechanism, the general need 3--6 months will be stable. So pox and India generated within 2 months, as long as the early rescue, the damaged tissue damage to the lower, or even to restore the original smooth and meticulous.


2.Do not use commonly used to touch the face

Touch the face often caused by bacteria in the face of the skin to breed, resulting in acne. Hair is not clean and sometimes easy to stimulate the skin, long out of the annoying acne. More do not use hand squeeze acne, so as to avoid inflammatory proliferation. If the acne, pustular abscess, in the inflamed period do not squeeze. The need to wait until after the mature, to clear, prevent acne formation. Not in inflammation on the beauty salon to do massage and skin desquamation, in inflammation, go to beauty salons to do care bag manufacturer also don't massage time is too long, it is best to avoid acne massage.


3.Whitening products, dilute the pox and India.

Late at night is the skin cell division and growth exuberant period, use before bedtime, whitening function of products, not only the skin absorption will be better, even dilute the effectiveness of smallpox and India will grow exponentially, adhere to a period of time, the skin will become white, pigmentation will become less, chicken pox and India will be slowly subsided.


4.Keep clean

Quilts, sheets, pillows, towels and other household items to keep clean. Often clean them and put them in the sun exposure, sun exposure is the best disinfectant, bacteria killing effect with ultraviolet light.


5.Coated with vitamin E

Vitamin E has effective antioxidant, often smearing can stimulate the vitality of skin cells, enhance the elasticity, promote wound healing, but the nutrient of vitamin E too high, is not recommended to use too much, do not recommend a wide range of painting, to defense minister pox and acne.


6.Yogurt mask repair pit method

Yogurt and flour into a mask, such as the skin is dry, you can add half an egg yolk. Can be activated with the yogurt at attaining the skin, restore skin elasticity, smooth cool. The lactic acid in yogurt can also shed dead cells on the skin and promote new bag factory cell growth, can not only repair pox pits, but also to achieve the whitening effect.

Jul 15th

High Configuration Oneplus One UAE Smartphone now in promotion

By Yasurs

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Jul 15th

What foods are good for eye health?

By dreamway01

Some people prefer to play computer games, but it is likely that they will cause eye health. Now look at what food is good for eye health?

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1.Carotenoids. Carotenoids can promote the rhodopsin could reach the normal level, so as to avoid dark field after the light to the eyes caused by damage. In addition, you can also prevent night blindness, dry eye, corneal ulcer disease and keratomalacia. Carotenoid sources include deep yellow, dark green and red Vegetable & Fruit, such as pumpkin, green peppers, tomatoes, corn etc.


2.Vitamin A. It can form a photosensitive retinal surface, night blindness is caused by a lack of vitamin A. Long time staring at the computer screen, will be a lot of vitamin A. The most common foods rich in vitamin A are animal internal organs, but it contains a high cholesterol, not suitable for a large number of edible. It is recommended to bag manufacturer eat more foods containing beta carotene, such as carrots, spinach, green and yellow vegetables, etc., because beta carotene in the body, the average 1/6 will be converted into vitamin A. However, vitamin A, beta carotene is fat soluble, with fat to eat better.


3.itamins B. It is related to the health of the optic nerve, but also the role of the protection of the cornea. The lack of B vitamins, prone to neuropathy, eyes photophobia, blurred vision, tears and other symptoms. Foods rich in B vitamins have brown rice, germ rice, whole wheat bread, whole grain foods, as well as liver, lean meat, milk, beans, etc.


4.Vitamin C. Vitamin C can reduce the damage of ultraviolet and oxygen to the lens of the eye. Foods rich in vitamin C, fresh jujube, citrus, hawthorn, strawberry, kiwi, tomatoes etc.


5.Vitamin E. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, it can reduce the free radicals in the eye, slow eye aging. Vegetable oil (for example, olive oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower seed oil, etc.), nuts (such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.), wheat germ, are a good source of vitamin E. However, experts warn that the bag factory energy of the nuts is not low, at most only eat two.

Jul 14th

Five tips to create refreshing summer makeup

By dreamway01

Summer weather is hot, love to make up of female friends, especially afraid of the sweat after the makeup will be spent, then how to do?

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1.You have to choose the right foundation for yourself

If you are oily skin, the first step is to convergence of the skin, with some light texture without oil (oil) emulsion, and then use oil-free, matte effect of the foundation. Pearl foundation will make you look more shine, so remember to choose matte texture. Remember that you should avoid the use of too much emulsion foundation, it will make you look too thick.

If you are dry skin, the first to do is to scrub. Coated with a thin layer of moisturizing lotion, and then re-use moisturizing liquid foundation.


2.Select the foundation color

Foundation color is too deep too shallow are not suitable for you, so you seem to put on a mask, the right color can and the skin to achieve seamless integration.

Professional makeup artist suggested bag manufacturer all makeup to prepare two color, in winter and summer use foundation color is not the same (Xia Tianlve deep. In winter slightly shallow), transition period you can will two color to reconcile the use, with the most close to your true color.


3.Each product to use makeup

No matter what your skin, you have to wait until the emulsion to absorb completely and then painted foundation. Want to color balance can use some cover concealer, then use foundation brush or sponge flutter on a layer of thin powder can be flawless effect. If the operation is correct, you will find that in fact, do not need too much foundation can be achieved.

No matter is the emulsion, cover concealer, powder or loose powder, should be appropriate, don't expect to use a product can achieve perfect flawless makeup, used in conjunction to role play to the maximum.


4.Fixed powder makeup to create transparent effect

Liquid foundation after a thorough dry again in the T zone scan some loose powder, the excess Fufen sweep, as makeup the effect, still can make makeup more natural and transparent.


5. How to fix

If you are oily skin, use oil absorbing paper to keep makeup and tidy; if your skin is dry, spray some spray, with your fingers or bag factory a sponge to pat to fixed makeup.

Jul 13th

Daily good habits let the skin shine charming luster

By dreamway01

Most women have to take good care of the skin, skin care in a year for investment "versus" few hundred, as many thousands of. Indeed, with a smooth and fair skin more easy to give people a good impression. There are many reasons to cause skin color dull, such as the face is not thorough, the pressure, ultraviolet radiation, lack of sleep, etc.. Below tell you four good habits in daily life, you can let the skin shine charming luster.

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1.Enough sleep

Studies have indicated that the best sleep time should be around 7 hours. 11 points in the evening, the human body began to enter the repair mode, so the behavior is not desirable to stay up late. Now in the summer, perhaps some people will think that night to sleep 7 hours, afternoon is always sleepy, easy to nap. In fact, the best way to solve this afternoon nap is to rest for more than 20 minutes, preferably not more than 1 hours. Because sleep too long at noon, but feel more tired after waking up, a short time can not be put into operation.


2.To maintain a happy mood

Stress, irritable mood, if heart stagnation cannot resolve can take exercise, sweat vent out after will feel a lot more comfortable. Or look for three five friends, family and other chat, can effectively relieve the pressure. Unsatisfactory bag manufacturer things in life Nive out of ten, always want to open, can not afford to fit all your sad.


3.Removal of horny

Any skin to skin may appear dull dull, but need to pay attention to is, dry, mixed and sensitive skin are not free to use oil control cleansing mask or coarse particles scrub products exfoliating. And when the skin is in a sensitive state, there is acne or wounds did not heal, it is best not to scrub. Every time after the horny, it should be immediately deposited a moisturizing mask or nutrition mask, because this time the skin's absorption of the strongest, you can promptly repair the skin. To make the skin smooth and clean through the skin becomes an effective method, but should not be excessive or often go to horny, otherwise it will make the skin becomes thin and fragile. And every time after exfoliating to stay for a relatively short time, old keratinocytes continue to death, if poor metabolism, soon will form a new accumulation, so that the skin surface becomes rough dull.


4.Massage to promote blood circulation

The method of promoting blood circulation by massage has been known and has become more and more popular. The easiest way is to massage, from the inside out, from top to bottom to gently. Need to pay attention to is, every time the massage time to 5-10 minutes is appropriate, not too long, at the same time, massage to 1-2 times per week is appropriate. And the skin is thin, sensitive, has red blood of the skin is not suitable for massage. Massage should be the same as a moisturizing mask or lotion and other bag factory skin care products, lock due to massage and open pores.

Jul 11th

Easily affect the couple's emotional psychology

By dreamway01

We all know that husband and wife get along with the need to have a good psychological, if the psychological state of the poor will affect the relationship between the husband and wife, then what is the psychological?

 bag factory

Do not know the dedication

Harvard University, a study has shown that in life to help others, to make yourself feel more happy. But in modern society, people are willing to selfless dedication and less, more and more people square accounts in every detail. If you have a plan for what I can get from it, do it, it's not worth it.


Lack of faith

After more than 20 years of sprint like wealth after the race, some people in addition to make money, do not know what the goals and the pursuit of life in the end is what, and even do not know what they want. This lack of faith and the ideal state, it is difficult to produce a long, happy happiness.


Old love comparison

The modern man put the main energy into the competition, than the position, than the house, than the wealth...... Than to go, people's hearts only desire, no happiness. When people pursue is not how to be happy, but how to be happier bag manufacturer than others, the happiness will leave you.


Too anxious

Purchase, parenting, family pension burden. That is because workplace promotion space concerns the working pressure; friends and colleagues between relationships of processing have become the pressure source of the Chinese people. In big cities, regardless of the old, young people or children, more in a restless anxiety state, which makes people can not feel happy from the bottom of my heart.


Not content

As the saying goes, "contentment", but fewer and fewer people's satisfaction, the house want to change more, the work want to trade, money to earn more... These desires, made endless toil, struggle to strive for the summit of the "brilliant" on.


Mutual distrust

Although the society is highly developed, people's minds are gradually alienated. Now more and more people tend to "right brain" mode of thinking, while the right brain in charge of individual, power, status, for the feeling of happiness is 0 degrees. Happiness comes from feeling left, a lot of time happiness in life is not less, but people no bag factory longer held ability to experience happiness.

Jul 10th

How to keep skin young?

By dreamway01

Lack of sleep will lead to large pores, oil secretion strong, bacteria will invade the skin, so that the skin in a short period of time to dry, the skin will appear. The wrinkles and there is a big difference, as long as the elastic fibers of skin is not broken, don't really have wrinkles. Lead to skin aging has three major incentives, the three major cause of skin aging do you know?

 bag factory

1.Years of passage

Skin aging is the biggest reason is the increase in age, time to let the skin become aging. This is everyone can not avoid the problem, with the passage of time, the skin will begin to slowly aging, the skin of the collagen in the skin to lose elasticity and luster, it will become sagging. Collagen fiber formation of the compact grid, so that young people's skin looks compact and full of luster, with the increase of age, fiber cell aging arranged will loose, so skin looks at is sagging. Want to keep skin young state, for the skin to add more collagen, pig's trotters, chicken wings, fish contain abundant collagen can eat these foods.


2.Daylight exposure

The sun is leading to the skin aging another big killer, time is merciless, the sun is also ruthless. You will find that you will find a lot of bag manufacturer fine lines on the right side of the right side, which is more than the left side of the right side of the sun. In the light of the long wave ultraviolet radiation, you can further the skin deep, damage to the skin of the collagen, once the collagen is damaged will make skin look old. So want to keep the skin young, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily sun, a good sunscreen, take a pair of sunglasses, playing with the sun umbrella are very necessary.


3.High blood sugar

High blood sugar is one of the causes of skin aging. Although the sugar is delicious, eat more easily not only easy to gain weight, but also to accelerate the skin aging. Blood sugar and skin conditions have an important relationship, according to the survey shows that people with high blood sugar levels than those who are normal people watching. Because sugar can be attached to the skin layer, sugar will make collagen fragile, so the skin will accelerate aging. So, want young to eat less sugar, eat sweets.


To keep skin young state to avoid these will cause skin aging, eat collagen protein food, go pay attention to sunscreen, daily life eat less sugar, just do bag factory this kind of can effective slow down skin aging.