Did Your Favorite Bag's Price Increase for Spring 2015? We Found Out

Published by: fashion me on 29th Jun 2016 | View all blogs by fashion me

There's an old saying about the only sure factors in life being death and taxes, but if you're a handbag buyer, there's an alternative inevitability: price increases. With brands like Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, they're fairly easy to track; because the bags are only available from the company's boutiques, all the new product arrives at once and sales associates warn their loyal customers in advance. With brands that wholesale cheap sunglasses to third-party retailers and department stores, it can be slightly trickier.

Because we have a wealth of back-data on bag prices to sift through (hello, fashionstellar post archives), we selected eight super-popular bags from brands that sell their wares at department stores and did some spot-checks to find out how much, if at all, the prices have gone up for the versions that have just arrived in stores. Almost all of them had, and we've detailed the price differences below.

In a couple instances, there are even now old-priced mens sunglasses available online, along with a particularly resourceful sales associate at your local division store may also be able to find you one particular of your lower-priced bags in retailer.




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